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Bad dates can really leave you feeling jaded. However, when you are operating in the dating world it is inevitable that you will come across a few bad date nights (or days) out. The key is finding ways to survive the bad ones, and if you are lucky, finding ways to turn them into good (or at least bearable) dates!  This is often easier said than done, but the following tips can help you do just that.

Tip 1: Start from the Beginning

If your date is going badly, try starting all over again. Tell your date that you know things have gotten off to a rocky start but you are willing to try again if he or she is. Most people are nervous on first dates and will respect the fact that you want to give things a fighting chance. Saying that things are going badly can also help break the ice. You two can laugh about what is going on and this simple gesture can help make everything more comfortable.

Tip 2: Keep an Open Mind

If your date is not what you were expecting (and this can be avoided by not having high expectations), it does not mean that it has to be a bad experience. Sometimes we get unexpected situations and are pleasantly surprised to find out that it was just what wed needed.  Many dates are like this. Keep in mind that we all have issues in our lives and most of us are doing the best that we can. So, if your date picks you up and takes you to McDonalds (not what you were expecting), try to suck it up. Maybe this is a great person who just happens to be frugal so they can get that house they always wanted. If your date seems creepy, maybe they are extremely nervous and this is how it is manifesting.  Your date could have some type of psychological tick that they just cannot help. If so, you don't have to be rude or hurtful; simply finish the date say a quick goodbye and head home.  Don’t be too quick to judge a date as bad until you have at least talked with them a while to get  to know them better.  This gives you the chance to make sure its not your own hangups driving you to push them away instead of any issues they may have. Try asking them questions about their lives and actively listen. And believe me, people can tell if you are really listening of just filtering and nodding.  Once you have done this you can assess the situation better.

Tip 3: Be Positive

Even if you are having the worst time ever, you can turn things around by being as nice as you can to your date. Maybe they are having a hard time getting comfortable with you and you can make this better by making yourself more approachable. Focus on their comfort and they might just take the hint and give it all back in kind. This opens up the doors of communication and can turn a horrible date into one that you wish would never end.  Your attitude has the power to change any situation, so keep it positive and supportive. 

Salvaging a bad date may not always be possible. If your date is being outright rude, crass or way too hands on, this is your free ticket to exit swiftly. There is a difference between being polite and positive and being a door mat.  By starting the date over, being supportive and communicating, you may just end up having a great time.