If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with a pounding headache or migraine then you know the only thing on your mind at that time is finding something to make that bad headache go away. Here are some tension and migraine headache remedies and ideas to help you get rid of that pounding pain.

Before you begin if you can try and identify the cause of the bad headache. If you are able to do this you will better be able to treat the symptoms properly and find the right tension or migraine headache remedies. Most common causes are: allergies, sinusitis, dehydration, illness, tension and stress.

Suffering from a migraine headache
Tension and Migraine Headache Remedies

Drink a glass or two of water. Even if dehydration is not the main source of your headache it can still be a contributing factor and therefore one of the greatest migraine headache remedies. You should take steps to ensure you are staying well hydrated as a means to help eliminate the onset of a headache or migraine and to ease symptoms of those you may experience.

Take the proper medication. If the headache is the cause of allergies or sinusitis there are many over the counter nasal sprays and pills to relieve pressure and reduce allergy and sinusitis related swelling. To make a bad tension or stress headache go away you can try taking an aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve the pressure.

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines talk to your doctor as they may be able to prescribe medication more suited to handle your type of headache or better suited to be used as migraine headache remedies. Your doctor may also be able to help identify the underlying cause of your head related pain.  Nasal spray as tension or migraine headache remedies

Lay down and cover your eyes and forehead with a cool cloth. This can help reduce the pounding and pulsating that often accompanies a bad headache and will allow you to be more comfortable until it decides to go away. For more serious headaches or when seeking migraine headache remedies incorporate this step with the light and noise elimination tip below.

Eliminate all light and noise around you so that you are not adding to the painful drumming in your head. This can help minimize and even potentially make that headache go away, especially if incorporated with some of the other steps above.


Massage your temples, forehead, neck and shoulders. These are common tension relieving pressure points used to relieve headaches brought on by tension, stress and day to day life.Though this step is often less beneficial to those seeking migrain headache remedies finding a way to relax the muscles especially in the neck can still provide a minor level of relief for the sufferer.

Practice the stretching technique you probably learned in highschool P.E. Hold your head straight and lower your chin to your chest. If you are unable to touch your chin to your chest that is ok - do not force it. Keeping your chin angled to your chest slowly roll your head from one side to the other.

Soothing aroma of Lavendar
Essential Oils
Sometimes certain essential oils can be great tension and migraine headache remedies. When opting to try a remedy such as essential oils for any purpose  it is important to make sure you get pure and quality oils. You can find a lot of bottles that claim to be "essential oils" however the quality is all in the ingredients so be sure to read them.

When using scents as tension headache or migraine headache remedies you can often disperse the scent in the following ways: massage, candles or heated oil dispensers. The most popular scents are Lavander, eucalyptus and sandalwood.


This article is not intended to be used or taken as medical advice, replacement or treatment. Always seek the instruction and direction of your doctor before attempting, using or trying any new forms of treatment