A main piece of your racket is how the badminton stringing was constructed. The materials of the string and how tight it was put together will ultimately determine the overall performance of your racket. There are two main types of string and there are different levels of string tension.

What Types Of Badminton String Are There?

Badminton stringing is done with one of two different materials. There are natural guts and there are synthetic materials.

The Natural guts will provide a softer feel with more control. The shuttle will stay on the strings badminton stringing machinefor a longer period of time. This gives the racket a larger opportunity to dictate the direction of the shuttle.

Synthetic material is littler harder material. The shuttle will fly off the racket quicker with more velocity. You will lose some accuracy because the shuttle flies off at a faster pace. If you are the type of player that needs more power, synthetic material is best.

What Tension Is Best For My Game?

The badminton stringing you use on your racket should be determined by the type of player you are. If you are a speed player that flies around the court, you want a racket that is strung to support that. If you are a power player that goes for massive smash hits, you want a stringing that supports that.

One way to pick one way or the other is with the tension of your strings. The higher the tension the less time the shuttle spends on the racket and the higher velocity the shuttle flies. The lower the tension the more time it spends on the racket and the more accuracy you have.

If you are a speed player you want your racket to give you some added velocity. Going with a high tensions stringing is an automatic way to give yourself more power. You won't need to give any added bat power for the shuttle to make it over on a quick diving save.

If you are a power player your racket should give you as much accuracy as possible. You will have enough natural power from the shear superior velocity of your racket. You should use a lower tension stringing that keeps the shuttle on the racket a little bit longer.

What Stringing Combination Is Best For What Player Type?

If you are a speed player you have to problem getting to the shuttle. You want something that can get it back over the net with little or not added effort. For this to happen the best combination is essential. You are going to want a stringing that is done with synthetic material and a high tension. This will grant you maximum power to make up for where you lack.

If you are a power player you want your racket to get you as much accuracy as you can. You have a high velocity strike that can get the shuttle past your opponents. You need to make sure it is on line and in bounds to be effective. The best combination is going to be a low tension stringing done with natural guts. This will let the shuttle stay on your racket long enough to be more accurate.

Consider what type of player you are and the areas you are weak before you decide what type of badminton stringing to get for your racket. The more you know about your game the better decisions you're going to make when it comes to your racket. Learn about all the different options and the creative things you can do before you make a decision.

When you go in to get your badminton racket strung make sure it is done by a trained professional. You want to make sure you are getting a high quality badminton stringing from someone that can ensure your racket will be durable and in line with your desired performance.