Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Cruise Halloween night in style – as a bag of jelly beans!

Halloween – you anticipate this spooky night for 364 days. Finally, October has arrived, and All Hallows’ Eve is here. Now, it’s time to plan the perfect costume to don for your night of spook-tacular fun.

In Halloween’s past, you typically coordinate your costume to match whatever your frighteningly fun event is. For the last few years’ parties, you and your hubby have howled the night away in duo – donning some creative couples Halloween costumes. And last year, the two of you decided to do a costume ensemble based on a word play on a title from literature, and … drum roll … the selected title was The Phantom of the Opera. After all, who can resist a hunky, brooding guy sporting a white half mask and a black cape.

Now, this year, you’ve convinced The Phantom, a.k.a. your adoring hubby, to take you on a Halloween cruise. Imagine sailing the seas, at Halloween, with your hubby – what could be a better way to celebrate fall?

Since you’ll be flying to the cruise port, you need a costume that’s easy to pack and easy to carry. And since the two of you are already indulging yourself, and stretching your family finances with this cruise, a costume on a budget, which doesn’t scream cheap, is ideal. However, it still needs to be a costume that rocks … .

My Halloween Cruise

Bag of Jelly Beans Costume – Easy Halloween Costume for WomenCredit: http://www.unprofound.com/viewpic.php?pic=candy.jpg&photographer=jim

A couple of years ago, I went on a Halloween cruise with my family, and the bag of jelly beans costume was my choice. It passed all the criteria – easy to pack, easy to carry, weighs very little, and costs next to nothing to put together, and after Halloween night, I could sit out on Lido Deck, and share with other passengers the jellybeans from the bag I’d brought to complete my costume. In my opinion, that’s a sweet deal all the way round.

I also reused the clear plastic bag from my costume to pack my dirty laundry for the trip home. As for the balloons – after the Halloween costume party? Using some of the remaining clear tape you brought, attach the balloons to your cabin door, and voilà, your stateroom door is decorated for the remainder of the cruise.

For our family cruise, our Halloween party was after dinner. Since wearing a costume to a two-hour dinner can be awkward, my mom and I wore the basic ‘bones’, if you will, of our costume to dinner, then we finished assembling our do back in our cabin. For example, I wore dinner appropriate clothing in off-white; light pastels could also work. My mom, who dressed as a black-eyed pea, wore all black clothing to dinner.

The Cruise Director was so taken with my mom’s and my Halloween costume … or was it that bulging bag of jellybeans he was so entranced with – whatever, my mom and I tied for first place on the cruise ship’s Halloween costume contest. Too bad we only won a little plastic trophy … winning a free cruise, instead, would’ve rocked!

How to Make a Bag of Jelly Beans Halloween Costume

You’ll need the following list of items in hand before you start creating your spook-tacular costume:

A white or off-white pants outfit
Large clear garbage bag (My cleaners gave me a dress bag.)
Balloons in assorted colors
Clear tape
Bag of jellybeans

Get Ready to Howl and Haunt the Night Away

By choosing either a white or off-white outfit, it will allow the vibrant colors of the balloons to pop. Once your costume is assembled, you’ll be wearing it over this outfit, so be sure to consult the weather in choosing your attire.

Another consideration to keep in mind with this easy costume is that because balloons will be surrounding your body, this costume isn’t ideal for sitting or climbing in and out of a car. Neighborhood, apartment, college parties, and of course cruises, where you’re more than likely going to be walking to your Halloween party or event destination, are perfect venues for this easy All Hallows’ Eve getup.

Once you’re ready for the final costume assembly, cut two holes in the bottom of your large clear garbage bag. You’ll be putting your legs through these two openings when you dress in the costume.

Blow up many balloons in different colors. Don’t blow to the maximum size; think jellybeans in a bag. The number of balloons you blow will depend on how many you want to wear. Ask your hubby to lend his lungs to the blowing and assembly effort.

Once you’ve dressed in your white or off-white outfit, enlist your hubby to assist you assembling your jellybean costume.

Step into the garbage bag, and pull it up around you like a piece of clothing. While you hold the open end up at your shoulders, have your hubby stuff the bag with the balloons, or what will soon be known as your jellybeans.

Look in a mirror, and decide if you’ve added enough jellybeans. Make sure they’re evenly distributed around your body. Have your hubby bring the two ends of the plastic bag together, over your shoulder, and tape them. Do this for the other shoulder. This will secure the bag to your body.

Carry a bag of jellybeans with you, and enjoy the compliments on your spook-tacular Halloween costume! Just don’t share with them how easy and inexpensive it was to create!

Be sure to bookmark these directions for making this Halloween costume for next October.

Have a happy and safe Halloween – hopefully on a cruise ship somewhere – and enjoy this bag of jelly beans costume.