Do You Need a Bag?

If you are a student or business person and you have things to carry back and forth to school or work every day, you need a good bag. But what kind of back should you buy? The two most common types of bags for students are the good old-fashioned backpack and the sleeker messenger bag.

Both the backpack and messenger bag have their pros and cons. Let's take a look at the difference so you can make the right decision for you.

The Backpack

Backpack vs. Messenger BagThe backpack is the traditional carrying case of the undergraduate or college student. They have been around forever and do an excellent job at carrying your things.

The best thing about a backpack is that it can haul a load. If you have an abundance of books or if you need to bring along a change of clothes or extra pair of shoes, a backpack is a great choice for you. Many backpacks also have smaller front pockets made specifically for things like pens and pencils or calculators as well to make the easily accessible. But the best part about the backpack is the way you carry it. For heavy loads, you just can't beat a backpack. That's because carrying a backpack uses both of your arms and shoulders and rests on your back which is a strength in most people. Not only that, both of your hands will be free to do other things.

The downside of a backpack is that they are big. If you don't want to wear both straps, as is often the case with college students, the pack may slip off your shoulder as you walk. Backpacks will not hold standard 8.5 x 11 papers and folders as neatly as a messenger bag either, so the risk of rolled corners is higher. Depending on how much you have in there, it may be hard to dig for things in a backpack because it is deep.

The Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag vs. BackpackThe messenger bag is the hip carrying case often preferred for those with laptops or lighter loads. They are a great choice is you don't need to bring too many things along.

The best thing about a messenger bag is that they are not too big and feel light and comfortable resting at your side as long as you don't put too much in them. The strap of a messenger bag can be worn on one shoulder for short walks or moved to the shoulder opposite the bag for longer walks which eliminates the possibility of the strap slipping off and frees up both hands. Messenger bags to a great job of holding folders and paperwork neatly as their rectangular shape greatly reduces rolled or bent corners on your work. If your load is a laptop or tablet PC and a light load of books and/or papers, a messenger bag is for you.

The primary downside of a messenger bag is its size. If you have to transport a lot of books or anything of heavy weight you will find that walking with a heavy bouncing messenger bag on your hip is no fun at all. Shoes will not fit well into a messenger bag either, so if you want to head from class to the gym you'd better get a locker.

The Final Verdict

What what should you do? It depends on you.

If you have lots to carry and want the most comfortable bag to haul a large load for long distances, go with the backpack.

If you tend to have a smaller load that is lighter in weight, go with the messenger bag.