Bailey’s Irish Cream is used to make a delicious drink that is similar to an Irish coffee but tastier, especially if you don’t quite like the taste of whiskey.

baileys coffee


Bailey’s is an Irish whiskey and cream liqueur made by an Irish company called Gilbeys and is produced in Dublin, Ireland.

No one can be quite sure who invented Bailey’s coffee, the must have taken the idea from an Irish version and just used Bailey’s instead of whiskey. Bailey’s contains whiskey and cream anyway so it complements the coffee and cream nicely.


  • Measure of baileys
  • Serving of good quality fresh coffee(not instant)
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • Fresh cream –  slightly whipped

 How to make

  • Fill your glass with hot water and add a spoon so it doesn’t crack the glass
  • Remove the water and add the sugar and two measures of hot coffee (two measures to one of Bailey’s) to the glass and mix well.
  • Add the measure of Bailey’s Irish Cream, fill up to about an inch from the rim and mix well.
  • Place a spoon gently on top of the mixture with the round side facing up; pour the cream gently on top of the spoon until it settles on the top.

For a neat trick at the end before you add the cream, stir and stir and stir until the mixture is spinning around the glass, straightaway add the cream to the mixture using the spoon method and if done right will settle beautifully on the top of the glass.

 Please please don’t use instant coffee for this drink; you will ruin a delicious beverage if you do.

Bonus 1: As an added bonus you can add half a measure of Kahlua to the mixture to add a little extra something

Bonus 2: Iced Bailey’s Coffee – Fill a glass with ice, pour on the measure of Bailey’s and add fridge cooled coffee to it, top with cream and serve.  Nice on a hot day.