There are many different types of bait available. They may all be good for trout fishing. However, no one can determine if there is one that can be considered as the best bait for trout fishing. In decades, fishing enthusiasts and anglers have been spending a lot of time in the water to find out which is the best among the baits for trout fishing. Anglers have been comparing notes and spying fellow anglers who get a catch. When an angler gets a catch, another angler immediately checks out what that angler used to catch a trout. Isn't this method funny? Anyhow, one thing is for sure and it's this. There is right bait for trout fishing depending on a weather condition or situation.

The key to getting the right bait for trout fishing is to understand the setting or the circumstances to determine which baits suit a particular situation. The important thing is to know which situation certain bait is rendered most effective. The more you understand and learn about your bait and situation, the more you can use this knowledge to your advantage. With this, you'll be a surefire successful trout angler.

Below are the baits for trout fishing. They are not ordered according to importance or performance. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there are specific locations and situations wherein a type of bait can be used.

  • Artificial flies – this is the best bait according to fly fishing enthusiasts. This can be used in river or lake fishing. Generally, this is used with what is called the insect "hatch" with a fly fishing device. A fly fishing device is a device especially made for using artificial flies.
  • Live Baits - live baits include worms, big insects, minnows, and crayfish for bigger trout. These types of bait are best used in a small river or in a body with flowing water. Among the mentioned live baits, the worms are the most popular. They are most useful in circumstances wherein plodding through the water is required.
  • Spinners and spoons – this bait are usually mistaken for small trout which makes it attractive to larger trout. This is commonly used by fishermen who use the traditional spinners. What makes these baits more attractive are the furs attached to them. This can be used in lake and rivers.
  • Synthetic Trout Baits – these baits are man-made thus the name synthetic trout baits. Many anglers will agree that this is the best among the rest (everyone says the same thing about each bait in this article). These are commonly sold in small containers. The most famous and helpful brand of synthetic trout bait is the Powerbait. This is most useful in lake trout fishing especially for the planted trout. This is best used for fishing the colorful trout.
Always remember that there is no best bait for trout fishing. There are just specific circumstances wherein certain bait can work. At the end of the day, the location, type of fishing and type of trout to catch are the factors for choosing for the right bait for trout fishing.