Healthy Cake
Credit: morguefile

If you are like many people in the world you love dessert. In fact, dessert may be the best part of your meals so if this is the case make sure your desserts include healthy cake recipes and of course healthy cookie recipes too. If you are on a diet and trying to restrict calories you can choose healthy cake recipes that use reduced caloric content ingredients such as low fat or skim milk versus whole milk. Other ways to substitute to get those fewer calories may be using sugar substitutes in place of real sugar in your healthy cake recipes. However you do it you have many options when choosing what type of healthy cake recipes you want to bake from your repertoire of recipes.

Substitutions In Recipes

When you look at a traditional cake recipe you will generally see certain ingredients that are used to increase the texture or the taste of the cake. But if you are looking for healthy cake recipes you can still use a traditional cake recipe but you will make some changes to it to get those healthy cake recipes that work for you. There are some ingredients that you can use to substitute with other ingredients and still have a good tasting cake with a porous texture and healthy cake recipes too plus provide you with a sweet tooth satisfaction and less fat or sugar at the same time. It just depends what you substitute for which ingredient.

Specific Ingredient Substitutions

If you are using a cookbook for your recipe just take a look at some of the traditional cake ingredients that generally are in a cake like eggs, milk and fat of some type.  Now these ingredients in your cake recipe may be butter for the fat, whole milk for the milk and regular eggs for the eggs. To make that cake recipe into one of the healthy cake recipes you can substitute 1 cup of soy milk for 1 cup of whole milk. Or try 1 cup of rice milk for 1 cup of whole milk. Or you can substitute water for milk but remember that water is thinner than milk so it has to be added last so you can monitor the cake consistency.

Substitution Choices

When you substitute soy milk for whole milk to get one of the healthy cake recipes you will find it has a slightly different taste and with soy milk the cake will have a darker color to it. If you choose to substitute whole wheat flour for refined white flour you may have to add more liquid because whole wheat absorbs more liquid than white flour does. Also you can look for whole wheat pastry flour which is closer to the traditional flours used when making cake batter. Just like choosing to eat healthier choosing a healthier dessert option is also a choice you can make and do make when choosing these cake recipes. So you to consider the effects of substitutions in your healthy cake recipes.