If you are getting bored of the typical baked potato, but don't want to go to crazy with ingredients, here is a simple baked potato that tastes great, and you can do this on the barbeque or in the oven. There is no reason we have to stop having our baked potatoes just because it is summer!

Things You Will Need

What you will need:

Good sized baking potatoes, scrubbed and ready to go

sharp knife

thinly sliced red onion

thin slices of cheddar cheese

a few dabs of butter

salt and pepper to taste

heavy duty foil

Step 1


Take your baking potato, and make about 4 or 5 slices into it with the sharp knife but not all they way through, this keeps it all together. Sort of space the slices evenly along the potato, those long shaped potatoes work great for this bake potato recipe.

Take your thinly sliced red onions and put some into each sliced area.

Then take your thin slices of cheddar cheese and stuff some of these in the slices as well.

Then put a dab of butter on top of the whole potato, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Now carefully sit the potato in the center of a large piece of heavy duty foil, and pull up the foil around the potato so that the opening is on top, but close the foil. This way you know which way is up. This way you will not accidentally turn the potato over, you don't need butter melting in the bottom of your oven or barbeque!

Now place the potato either in your oven and bake as you normally would a baked potato until tender, or on the barbeque. They tend to cook quicker on the barbeque, so be careful to not let them burn.

Once they are tender, you can serve them. Unwrap them on the plate, and they taste divine! The butter melts into the potato to keep it moist and the onion and cheddar tastes great cooked into the potato.

So, if you are looking for a different flavor on the typical baked potato, or are looking to bake potatoes on the barbeque, why just leave it plain? Try this recipe, and you will never go back to plain baked potatoes!

If you are serving guests, you can leave them wrapped in their foil, and place in a bowl. Let the guest unwrap them on their plate, as they can be a bit buttery!, depending on how much you added.

If you have any left over, don't throw these away, they taste great cold, or fried up for breakfast. Just put them in the fridge when they have cooled down.

Use the barbeque when you can, this keeps the heat out of the house during the summer months. But don't cook them on too high a heat or the butter will burn. Just a good medium temperature in the barbeque is great for baked potatoes, but do check them often by opening the foil and stabbing at them with a knife. Be careful not to stab the foil!

Tips & Warnings

you may want to eat these all the time!