Looking for the best books on baking? Making great baked goods is an art form that takes practice and a certain amount of skill. Not everyone can be a great baker but a good book can help you learn to be a better one.  As you learn and experiment with different baking recipes you’ll gain more confidence which will help you try things you might not have wanted to do before. In this article we’ll examine some of the top rated books on baking that can help you realized your dreams of becoming a great baker or just make tastier treats and goodies for your family.

Baking with the Cake Boss: 100 of Buddy's Best Recipes and Decorating Secrets (by Buddy Valastro)

One of the ebst books about baking is called Baking with the Cake Boss. This baking book is an educational look into the art of decorating and baking. You'll learn kneading, rolling, and other techniques taught by Buddy Valastro the star of the hit Television show Cake Boss. The book contains more than 100 of his recipes. The book features plenty of photographs so you can see what the finished product is supposed to look like. These instructional photos let you follow Buddy along as you work. Baking with the Cake Boss is a dessert education that will become an often used reference for aspiring bakers.

The Pastry Chef's Companion (by Glenn Rinsky and Laura Halpin Rinsky)

 This book contains more than 4,800 terms and different definitions from around the world of baking. The book is filled with helpful resources and combines the best features of a baking dictionary with an encyclopedia. It contains current terminology in reference to pastry, baking, and confectionary arts as well as providing the historical background of many of the terms used in the book. The book includes flavor trends, good baking practices, and the key factors in the production of quality pastry products. There’s a troubleshooting guide for common baking problems and you'll find illustrations in the book too.

Home Baking for Profit (by Mimi Shotland Fix)

This book will help you sell your goods for profit. The book contains all the author learned in her retail, commercial, and home-based baking career. The book contains short-cuts, tips, tricks, as well as recipe and product development ideas. It covers kitchen production and how to adapt commercial baking to home baking. You'll get tips on how to maximize your sales and how to recycle your excess goods too. This book will help bakers succeed with their business by providing the information needed.

Good Housekeeping Great Baking: 600 Recipes (by editors of Good Housekeeping)

Book contains more than 600 recipes from the magazine. The recipes are all shown with color photographs. The treats will bring back memories and range from childhood favorites to other delights and specialities. The recipes include helpful information on appliances to use for these dishes for the best results. The book contains step by step techniques for each of their baking categories. The dishes also feature a calorie counter and information on protein, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and fiber.

The Bread Bible (by Rose Levy Beranbaum)

This book on bread covers 150 of the best recipes from the author. The book covers the art of baking bread in simple, readable language that shows you how to make the perfect bread. It covers flour types, equipment, and the easy-to use ingredient tables provide both volume and weight so the recipes work each time you use them. Recipes include quick breads, flatbreads, sourdough, biscuits, pizza dough and many more tasty creations. This book will help you become a better bread maker in no time. The books Includes 225 line drawings and 32 pages of color photographs.

More Best Books on Baking

This is just a small sampling if some of the best book on baking you can read. There are so many excellent books about the craft of baking out there for you to discover on your own. I hope you create some fantastic baking treats for yourself and your family.