Bakugan presents an exciting world of gameplay for children around age five and up. It's based on a popular anime action cartoon series which began in Japan, and was adapted for the United States. The show began airing in the US as of 2008 on Cartoon Network and features Dan and other Battle Brawlers who unleash their Bakugan creatures to battle. Due to the tremendous popularity of the television show, several companies began to manufacture toys and games based on the series which allow a fun interactive experience.

These Bakugan Battle Brawlers Games are pretty clever and fun to use. The object of these games is to try to win battles and capture three of your opponents Gate cards. You do this by rolling special marble spheres onto the game area, trying to get them onto the metallic cards. They're magnetic, so once the Bakugan sphere lands on a metal card, they spring open as a special Bakugan creature, ready to do battle. When two creatures are on the same card, the fight is officially on! The winning player will be determined based on various Bakugan attributes and total points from various Bakugan cards. The game is highly addictive and involves precision skills as well as mathematics and strategy. Many children around the world are already enjoying the use of the game packs and accessories.

In October of 2009, a video game based on the Bakugan series will officially be released for Nintendo Wii, DS, Sony's Playstation 2 and 3, and the Xbox 360. This game will be a lot like the previously described board game. In the video game you'll be aiming Bakugan spheres onto the virtual playing field so they can engage in battle with one another. The game features visually stunning graphics, and even includes some special characters or Bakugans that you won't see anywhere else. It's got many levels and will keep kids glued to their game console trying to battle their way up to the top! Don't worry if your kid isn't familiar with the TV series, because the game will include a nice tutorial along the way so they'll learn how to play.

There's also a series of Bakugan DVD's which chronicle the television episodes, so any child unfamiliar with the series can start watching it to learn about the characters. With Bakugan, your child is going to enter into an amazingly fun world of gameplay, which will help them with building skills. They'll learn to add up scores so they can calculate point totals, be able to roll or cast their Bakugan spheres with precision, and strategize about the best way to place their metal cards on the playing field. These days it's hard to find toys that entertain but also teach, and Bakugan is sure to do that!