Bal Harbour St. Regis Resort and Residences Is Designed for Luxurious Leisure

Bal HarbourBal Harbour is a village of about 3300 residents, situated at the northern tip of a Florida barrier island – a barrier island commonly called Miami Beach. Bal Harbour is truly the epitome of high-quality residential living, as well as the ultimate in upscale tourism. The town did not just occur haphazardly. It was designed, starting in 1929, with the intention of creating a dream village, a subtropical paradise, on 245 partially swampy acres stretching between the bay and the sea. A real estate development corporation headed by Robert C. Graham, a Detroit industrialist, hired highly respected urban planners to design a modern community with world-class standards and services.

The original name for the village was Bay Harbour, but since the builders wanted to publicize the town's oceanfront attractions, the word "Bay" was replaced with "Bal." It is a made-up word, combining a bit of the words "Bay" and "Atlantic," conveying Bal Harbour's connections with both its bay and its seashore. After the Second World War, growth escalated in the town, with residential lots selling like hotcakes and numerous ultra-modern, deluxe hotels and resorts being constructed, with a focus on luxurious leisure.

The 1950s were a heady time for Bal Harbour, as celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Ed Sullivan, and Count Basie congregated at its resorts. The village was as scintillating and sophisticated and satisfying as anywhere on Earth. It was known as America's Riviera, and it was the destination of choice not only for famous folk, but also for major politicians and wealthy businessmen and their families. Nowadays, half a century later, when looking for a Miami Condo for Sale, the upscale luxury is more impressive than ever; you cannot do better than Bal Harbour for the best in fine living.

The St. Regis Resort and Residences sits on the site of the old Hotel Americana. It continues the local tradition of luxurious leisure, with breathtaking shopping, food, and services. Bal Harbour Shops offer designer and specialty selections as fine as those in the world's most elegant and sophisticated cities. When you have finished with the day's shopping, and sunning, and dining, it is just a short drive to the Miami area's very lively nightlife, before returning to the Bal Harbour St. Regis Resort and Residences for a blissful night's rest.