Trying to fit in exercises at your desk is not always easy.  But if you sit at your desk for hours, and are looking for a way to strengthen your core and abdomen, then consider using a balance ball chair.

If you have ever been to a gym, you will notice that balance balls are used quite a lot in exercises and workout activities.  Balancing on one of these balls forces you to use abdominal muscles that you don’t normally use when simply sitting in a chair.  You will have to sit up right to stay balanced, so this will stop that slumping that tends to happen.

At many gyms, you use these balance balls to help strengthen and help to get you fit.  If you like the idea of these exercises but simply don’t have the time to fit them into your day, then consider sitting on one while trying to work!

At first it may seem weird, but after a while you will notice that your core ab exercises at your deskmuscles will get stronger.  If you work from home, this could be an ideal way to fit in some exercises at your desk.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black)

You can do some simple stretching and other abdominal exercises at your desk, such as sitting up straight and holding the sides of your office chair and then lifting your feet slightly off the ground, you will feel this in your lower abdomen. 

Or you can get up at least every ½ hour and go for a brisk walk.  But if you don’t like the idea of leaving your computer or desk on a schedule like that, but do like the idea of strengthening your belly and other core muscles while your work, then you can get a balance ball chair for your office desk.

This is a simply well designed office chair on wheels that has been built to accommodate a balance ball.  Simply inflate the ball and then learn to sit on this chair while working.  At first it may seem weird, but before you know it, your muscles will be getting stronger as you learn to balance properly on this chair.

I personally have used one of these balance balls for sitting on, and found it really helped with back strain, that was simply from leaning over the computer and desk for too long.

As with any exercise program, even ones at your office desk, you should see your doctbalance ball chairor first to get the OK, especially if you have not worked out in a long time.  But if everything is OK, most likely your doctor will want you to fit in exercises at your desk as often as you can.

A balance ball chair is just another way to multi-task with work and working out.  It would be nice if we could all go for long walks during our day or fit in hours at the gym, but this is not always practical.  But our bodies were not designed to sit in office chairs for hours on end.

Make sure and take lots of water breaks and fill your body with good food for fuel, but it doesn’t hurt to try exercises you can do at your desk.  Since our jobs take up the most hours in a day, incorporating some exercise equipment into our day makes sense. 

If you are lucky enough to have a job that keeps you moving, then you won’t need this type of equipment but if your job has you sitting at a desk all day, and you feel your abs could use a workout, then consider a balance ball chair to add to your arsenal of exercise ideas to keep you fit and healthy.  Also see Desk treadmill for other equipment you can use to get and stay fit while you are working.