Buy A Strider Balance Bike

Strider Balance Bike

If you would like to discover the most suitable push bike to give to your child, then take a look at the Strider Balance Bike for the children. Ideal for little ones aged between 12 month to 5 years, this bicycle helps the infant to master co-ordination skills just before learning pedaling skills.

Reasons To Invest In A Balance Bike

The Strider balance bike is just one example of the type of pedal free bicycles that you could choose to buy for your little one. Before training youngsters how to actually ride bicycle it is vital for parents to teach them to balance and co-ordinate their bodies. This isn't available when working with trikes and cycles made with training wheels because these normally deal with training the kid the way to use the feet to pedal.

Just about any kid who is able to walk can learn how to move with the Strider balance bike. The child will initially hold onto the handle bar with their feet on either side of the bicycle whilst walking without even sitting down on the bike's seat. The kid is perfectly balancing on the bicycle with the fingers grasping the handle and the feet firmly fixed to the floor.

If you have  a good balance bike, mothers and fathers could take the child for an outing. This kind of cycle enables a child to discover even more of his surroundings making him conscious as well as conscientious about a expansive place that they live in . As the child is acquainted with the bicycle, the child will take a seat and then try to pedal the bicycle whilst attempting to balance on the 2 wheels.

The bike weighs a little under 7 pounds therefore making it lightweight for any young child to manage. The bicycle is made with foot rests designed for mastering more advanced riding skills. Furthermore you will be pleased to know that the tires are puncture proof and can be used on all sorts of terrains and they come with 5/16 inch axles made with steel.

The structure of this particular bicycle framework and handles are manufactured with welded steel that makes the bike last for a longer period. The Strider bike has a handle bar that may be adjusted to suit toddlers who range from 30 inches to 44 inches tall. Furthermore parents can choose to opt for the extra long seat post with a saddle which offers greater mobility in altering the bicycle's seat.

Bicycling can be described as a great passion so it is essential for moms and dads to help their children cultivate this enthusiasm at an early age. Eliminating the potential risk of tripping with a tricycle or the wobbling of the wheels, the Strider Balance Bike for little ones is a brilliant way to introduce your kids for bike riding with pedals down the road.

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