This is not my usual writings – it is a personal and national issue that I think needs to be brought up for discussion and personal decision making.


Periodically I am given the opportunity to speak out nationally against what I consider to be a slippery slope when it comes to the issue of the quality of our lives and those of our children. So it is time for you and your friends to get organized...

In my “other” life I am and have been for over 25 years an anti-drug consultant, having worked with families and addicts,  from helping them to withdraw from their drugs at a drug rehabilitation program to being on committees and Boards working with both Municipal and federal governments on the drug issue.

As you are no doubt aware this country and other nations have a situation with  regards to the illegal drug trade. We are presently experiencing an expansion in the gangs coming up from the US and more guns finding their way into our communities almost daily. Some fatalists are suggesting we give up trying to stop the drug trade and legalize it all from marijuana to heroin, drugs it to anyone that asks for it.

My immediate question then becomes:

1 - At what age do you allow kids to take these drugs?
2 - Do you want your ten year old to be given – legally – cocaine or heroin?

3 - What amount and quality of strength would be decided to be “appropriate”? I guarantee you there will be a criminal around the corner that will sell it to your child for less and at a higher strength.

There has and always will be Black Market’s for anything from stockings and chocolate bars,  to alcohol, drugs, silk shirts and designer knock-offs - this will never disappear.

It is simple really. There are Advocacy Studies out there for legalization of drugs but if you look beyond the thin veil of “facts” you will have to make a personal decision. Do you want the majority of society which is law abiding to be run by the desires of the criminal minority, where personal safety is a crap-shoot and drug addled people are driving your buses, drilling into your teeth and flying your planes? Hmmm – let me think about this for a moment…

There have been long term education and awareness campaigns on other issues that have worked to change the public's perception and successfully educated them on their dangers – such as with drinking and driving, tobacco and wearing seat belts. From my viewpoint we need to have the same long term (10 years+) campaign on the real dangerous path of legalizing drugs and the resultant boom in health care costs, job loses, and rising welfare costs associated with this.

So – what is your choice – because you actually do have to make one you know, there is no room for complacency anymore. Do you choose to be the person enabling the drug addicts and condemning them to a hopeless life of hell and have drugs readily available to anyone who asks for it? Or do you believe that with a large enough drug awareness, education, prevention and rehabilitation campaign (which has yet to be done in this country) that we can have a safer, higher quality of life, and a healthier one?  Do your research and make a decsion and create more balance in your life.


The future is really, truly up to you – so make your opinions known – let your voice be heard!