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Most people want to have a flawless and radiant complexion. In achieving this, most of them have tried various skin care products and resorted to different treatments. But, did you know that the best tool for a healthy skin relies on what you consume?

I am not talking about any food supplements that promises outstanding results. Although, some of these commercial products may aid, it is your daily meals that can give your skin the radiance you've longed for. But, of course, it should be a balanced meal. So, how does a balanced diet promote healthy skin?

Balanced diet

Food Pyramid
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Balanced diet for healthy skin doesn’t mean, you have to eat fruits and vegetables alone. Remember, meat and other dairy products are the number one source of proteins and healthy fats. Without these two constituents, a meal is not considered “balanced”.

With that being said, preparing a balanced meal is simple. If you’re familiar with the three basic food groups, you just have to mix it in your daily menu. To give you a concrete idea, here is a list of the basic food groups and their most common examples.

  • “Go foods” – All foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as bread, wheat, rice and other grain products falls under this group.
  • “Grow foods” – Protein rich products belong under the group “grow” foods. All meat and dairy products including legumes are its common examples.
  • “Glow foods” – Food products that are rich in vitamins and minerals fall under this category. Thus, antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables belong to the “glow” foods. 

An ideal daily meal should contain at least one product of each group. But, unfortunately due to several factors such as lifestyle, food preparation and pollution; it is not enough to rely on your daily meals alone. For that reason, taking multivitamins and other food supplements have become a secondary option.

Nonetheless, there are still ways to eat a balanced meal with high nutrient value. It is a matter of taking some time to buy fresh ingredients and knowing how to cook them without destroying all its nutrient contents.

How does a balanced diet promote healthy skin?

People are mostly familiar with the antioxidant effects of fruits and vegetable to the skin. But, what about the other nutrients?

Keep in mind, that all nutrients play a vital task in the proper functioning of the body. Hence, you cannot favor one and not the other. With that, why is carbohydrates and proteins essential for your skin?

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Carbohydrates are most of the time labeled as fattening and unhealthy. This is probably due to the commercialized products available today. But, the truth is, carbohydrates provide energy to the body. With energy, cells can rejuvenate, be repaired and multiply resulting to a younger looking skin. Its fiber contents are also beneficial not only for proper digestion but for proper blood circulation as well. Remember, your skin will look more radiant and healthy if blood can efficiently circulate in your body.

As for proteins, its main role in the body is for cell growth and repair. But, it is also full of valuable amino acids that are important for collagen formation. Collagen cause elasticity. As a person gets older, the skin’s elasticity decreases causing wrinkles and other aging signs. However, with ample amounts of collagen, you’ll be able to sustain a younger looking skin. 

This article entitled "The Best Natural Sources of Antioxidants" may shed more insights about the list of foods that contain nutrients for healthy skin. With that, if you're aiming to have healthy and younger looking skin as you grow old, your best resort is to eat a balanced meal.

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