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Understanding you're stressed

You're stressed and you know it. So now what do you do, and how to you manage the levels of your stress?

Let us explore the concepts and the idea of the three foundations, that can aid us in our quest to lead a balanced life, and mitigate or even eliminate our stressors.

Tom Todoroff once said... " The simplest way to success, is to make a series of small goals and check them off " This translates into many aspects of our lives; whether it's getting an important assignment completed or managing our stress. Making a series of small commitments, and crossing them off as we achieve them, will guarantee an effective way to manage our stress.  



The Pillars of balance

The concept called the Pillars of balance, consist of  Mind, Body, and Spirit. This concept discusses what its like to have all three pillars at an even scale, and what the results are when one is tipped slightly more than the others.  Let's take a glimpse at the Pillars and what they consists of.

Mind: Your thoughts, intentions, motivations and desires.

Body: The food you consume, the exercise you do, the physical activity you participate in and your hygiene

Spirit: The relationships you create, the people you surround yourself with and the time you take for yourself.

Now lets take a quick look at why you might be stressed, in daily life and at work. 

Where is your Mind? Have you paid attention to your thoughts, and intentions? Have you kept focus on your motivations and desires? If you're not thinking about the series of small commitments that you have made for yourself, instead, you're focused on something entirely different from your set goals; you may find your levels of stress much higher than desired.

Where is your Body? Have you paid attention to your body and its needs? Are you participating in activities that allow your total body to be engaged? If you're over consuming the foods that make you feel sluggish, spending time sitting and not generating any energy that causes you to sweat, you might find yourself physically out of shape and on your way to initiating the onset of some unwanted injuries or illnesses. This in turn, leads to unnecessary stress. 

Where is your Spirit? Have you paid attention to your relationships, and the content of the conversations you are having? Are you taking the time to reflect on the goals you have set for yourself and tracked the progress? If you don't practice taking a day or two for yourself to recharge from the constant routine of life, you can find yourself overwhelmed and unproductive to many  simple tasks.




Balancing your Mind

Is your mind balanced? Ask yourself honestly but before you answer the question, it would be advisable to understand what it means to have a balanced mind. So lets ask the question: What does it mean to have a balanced mind? 

  • A series of clear goals set
  • An awareness of ones motivations
  • A desire to reach a result

Remember that the ingredients for balance are not going to be the same for everyone, but the elements will have similarities. What are some elements that you will need in order to have a balanced mind? This comes to you when you answer the questions about your likes, desires, passions, dislikes and motivations.

Once you have a clear idea about these, make a conscious effort to remind yourself of them.  In doing so, you allow your mind to focus on the things you want. Then the next progressional step is to take action towards the actionable elements. Step one is clearly to identify what goals you have, write them down so they become visible words.

Don't neglect what motivated you write down you goals. There is something you want from your life, there is something you want for your life. Understanding the pillars of balance will give you the opportunity to discover your ability to go above and beyond the limits you thought you had.

Starting with the Mind pillar, will help you begin the journey to a balanced life. You want to learn how to cope with stress in life and at work. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a very important question: " Is my mind balanced?" 

Know what you desire, dislike, and are passionate about. Write them down so they become visible words. Then connect them to your WHY. There is something you want for your life, there is something you want from your life, so identify what they are and take the steps towards them.