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Being stressed at work and unable to understand why, can be frustrating. Some have jumped to the conclusion that the work environment is the main source of the problem. Whether it's the work load being too much, the deadlines are unreasonable, or their boss has it out for them.  All of which are interesting theories, however not entirely accurate.

The three pillars are a great guide to uncover, understand  and manage your stress. The first Pillar assists you in figuring out what your mind is focusing on. What your motivations are, and what you desire for yourself when it comes to your career and your personal life. The Mind pillar allows you to create a series of small commitments that you can gradually cross off your list as you reach them. 

The second Pillar assists you in figuring out what your physical needs are, and what your active lifestyle consists of.

The second Pillar will encourage you to move your body, and find ways to physically be active without spending everyday in the gym.

The third Pillar will guide you to understand the importance of the relationships you create with: family, friends and yourself. You will be able to reflect on the positive aspects of your life you created. The areas in which you did not do so well and how you can improve going forward. 

Is Your Spirit Balanced

Balancing your Spirit

Is your spirit balanced? 

The Spirit can be attributed to that feel good emotion we have when we do something nice for someone or see something nice being done. The feeling you get when you have a conversation with someone that leads you to a state of enlightenment and you feel a deep connection resonating inside of you. 

You tend to feel these responses when you are typically in a happy mood. This happiness is the balance that you have made within your spirit to accept everything as good in your reality. There is no fear, no desire, no stress. 

What does it mean to have a balanced Spirit?

Having a balanced spirit will not have the exact ingredients for everyone, however, it will carry the same foundation. 

  1. Take the time to create a connection with someone 
  2. Take the time to create a connection with yourself
  3. Take the time to create a connection with nature 

Connecting with someone has tremendous benefits that can do wonders for the stress we encounter on a day to day basis. The ability to hold a meaningful conversation with another human being, allows us an opportunity to build a relationship that can lead to new ideas and point of view on how we can approach life's trials and tribulations. The people we connect with usually impact us in a way that will always allow us to grow. The choices we make, accept a lesson from each experience is what provides the knowledge and growth. When we can truly identify what didn't go so well and how we may improve the next time when faced with the similar situation, is when we have made progress towards better management of oneself. 

Connecting with yourself gives you an understanding of what you would like in your life, what you wouldn't like and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. Knowing the person you are, allows you to communicate effectively and honestly with everyone around you. This creates a deeper connection with the relationships you create and leads to further growth. 

Connecting with nature brings you deeper into a state of balance that encompasses you with all the living things that surround you. The natural elements of nature has the ability to bring you into the present moment and give you a closer step towards the balance you need. 

 A study conducted in 2014 showed: Spending time doing the things you love has a positive impact on managing stress. 

How do we manage our stress?

Taking it on a day by day basis will be a great start. Also remember that not all stress is necessarily negative, some have positive impacts on us. Understand that you can only be in control of tomorrow, when you deal with today. What this means is, for you to focus on the task at hand by:

  1. Taking time off work
  2. Taking time to participate in activities you enjoy
  3. Making time for family and friends
Activities you Enjoy

Follow the contractual guidelines and be sure to take the opportunity to step back from your work duties and have some rest and relaxation planned for yourself. If you're concerned about being replaced and losing your position, you're probably not using your unique set of skills to begin with, and the job isn't for you.

There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and over hundreds of activities and events to participate in. It is very possible to make time for a game of Basketball, Volleyball, Paint balling, or even Salsa dancing. There is something for everyone, the point is to make the time and take the time to take action.

Building healthy relationships with family, friends and colleagues is an essential part to managing stress. No matter how small or big the situation, having these people in your life can lead to positive outcomes when it comes to managing your stress.

The Process of Management

Step 1. Acknowledge the stress 

You have acknowledge that you are stress and now its time to identify. You can start with a list of things that you are aware of that are causing you stress. Then the next step would be to assess the causes and discover which ones are causing you immediate stress. Identifying the stress allows you to take the natural progression into resolving once you have assessed it. 

Step 2. Analyze and Assess the stress 

This process requires you to be honest with the list of stressors you have made. You may need to talk it out with a family member, friend or colleague, depending on your comfort level and where the stress is manifesting itself from. At this point, seeking guidance from a trained professional may be of use.

Step 3.  Take action and resolve the stress 

After acknowledgement, and assessment, action is the final piece to this puzzle. Although one of the easiest in theory, is the most difficult to execute. However, the beauty of life is that you get a brand new chance to try again the next day, if you feel you did not achieve the goal you decided on that particular day. 

A definite way to identify results, is to start with a series of small commitments each day. 

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