Alopecia Hair Loss

Alopecia areata is a quite difficult to pronounce term, it is an autoimmune disease that will surely cause hair loss if you have it.

Alopecia areata is sometimes called spot baldness because it almost always cause round spots of hair loss.

This disease affects about  1 to 2 percent of the population from the United Stated and in about 2 % of the US population it commonly runs in families and changes into a more diffuze form of hair loss that will cover wide areas of your scalp.

Alopecia areata also occurs when a person's white blood cells are attacking and destroying the body's hair follicles. When the hair follicles are attacked and destroyed, they go into a "sleep condition" named that way because of how they act when they are attacked.

The hair follicles will stop producing hair and will cause a distinctive bald patch. This localized bald patch is the mark of alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is also known as an hair loss in women disease which can demoralize one if her hair is falling.

The hair loss will occur very fast when this condition is on the run, on a quite short period of time. Some forms of alopecia areata, also called severe forms are:

Alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis:

Alopecia totalis: well, this alopecia areata form is a nasty one, if you have it, you will almost surely lose all the hair from your scalp.

Alopecia universalis: this advanced alopecia areata disease is also an ugly one, not because you lose hair, but the hair you will lose ( from the scalp ) will come off with the eyebrows also. So this is not a very good thing for anyone because you will get striked 2 times in a row.

You will lose hair in some other parts of your body also, and not only in one place.

Some of the less severe forms of alopecia areata are alopecia monolocularis and alopecia areata barbae:

Alopecia areata monocularis:

This form is a less severe one, and the hair lost is only from one place of the scalp

Alopecia barbae

The hair that you will lose in this condition will occur in patches, in a man's beard

Many people experience alopecia hair loss, because it can come in so many forms and from different causes, the best thing to do is not to panic and contact a doctor as fast as possible.