When you walk around in the city, you tend to see more bald men than women. The reason for this is that nature has spared the fairer sex of at least one less issue to worry about and that is baldness in women. But that does not mean that women do not experience hair loss. Of course they do and such events are usually caused by the stage of life the woman is in, the diet she has, the lifestyle choices she has made and so on. Althought with that being said its very hard to find a baldness woman.

Even though in terms of percentile figures, the number of men outnumbers women when it concerns baldness, scientists have done enough research in this area too. The result of such prolonged research is that everyday there are new formulations and modes of treatment showing up, which can stop hair loss and promote new hair growth, with the sole aim of making baldness in women, a thing of the past.

When we talk about a woman who is showing early signs of baldness, we have to look at the causes which could range from deficiency of vitamin D, inadequate biotin and zinc in the body, advancing age, hormonal imbalance and of course the stress factor. It is important to remember that for the hair to grow, it needs a strong base which can only be possible if it has a strong follicle. Weak follicles result in frequent hair loss and this can only be corrected from inside, that is, with nutritious diet, etc. It is also a fact that to cure baldness in a woman, prescription medicines can work temporarily but unless the cause is removed from within, you cannot expect any permanent solution.

Inadequate estrogen in the body, a natural phenomenon with advancing age is a major cause for baldness woman. Estrogen is essentially a female hormone which has several major roles to play in the upkeep of a woman's health. That is the reason why pre-menopausal or menopausal women suffers from hair thinning and the hair refuses to grow again. The hairstyle sported by a woman also has a role to play with baldness woman. Tying the hair in a knot, like a pony tail often results in a condition called traction alopecia, a type of female baldness. Baldness in a woman can also be caused during pregnancy or when the woman spends extended periods of time in stressful conditions.

A baldness woman may suffer from extreme conditions of stress which may cause the condition to weaker further.

There are various drugs available to cure baldness woman, which prevents hair loss, fills out bald spots and also promotes hair growth. Some drugs are known to be used by men only and can result in serious adverse effects when used by a woman. Hair transplant is a favored option for a baldness woman but may not be an affordable option for all.