Have you ever wanted hours of immersive Roleplay, all in one game? Then look into Baldurs Gate 2.

It was voted game of the year in 2001 by Euro Gamer, if that does not pull any weight, then how about it is listed as one of the greatest games of all time by Game Spot. Now that I have your attention, lets go on. The game continues where Baldurs Gate 1 left off. Except now, your in a whole diffrent place, inhabited by monstrous creatures and dangerious alliances you can make or break at your leisure. Though the main quest is mainly to hunt down, and unravel the mystery that is Jon Irenicus (The main antagonist of the story). There is still a huge amount of content to discover away from the main quest. For example, you can hunt down a serial killer who strips his victims of their skin. You can also hunt down liches that hide in the shadows of the city. But be warned, they don't take well to visiters.

The Role Play is mainly expressed in Dialogue, where you are represented with an array of options to say depending upon your alignment. (Yes, you can choose to be goody two-shoes, or be a crazed killer running around beating people to death with a club.) On the side their are multiple clashes with your party members, involving love and hate. Maybe your PC (Player Character) falls in love with a women in your party, but someone else in your party is in love with her too. Well, I know what your thinking. "Lets boot the bagel out." I have no Idea what you mean, so I will continue. Then the women will have to decide which one she likes better. Depending on your actions, she will choose you or him. If its you, he might rage and run away from your party. Or he might stay if you play your cards right.

Also if your into being an army of one, you can by all means go solo. Their are many advantages of soloing, the largest downside though is the XP (Experiance) cap. Experiance is regularly given for slaying monsters, and is equally dispersed to party members. Even if they did not lift a finger. That is one advantage of soloing.Now let me explain; A party of 5 is the generic number of npcs (Non-Player-Characters). The last spot is reserved for you. By taking away the rest of the party, you earn five times the normal amount of XP from an encounter (Granted you survive). It adds up quickly. I recommend doing this only if you are looking for a challenge however; because if you solo, you only have one sword to impale beasties with.

One thing to note, is that one of the makers of Baldurs Gate 2 and Baldurs Gate 1 has gotten permission to make BgE, Baldurs Gate 2 and 1 Enhanced Edition. The release date is due this summer. But if you can't wait then by all means get it now.

If yours still reading this, then it will be assumed that you might want to get this game. One great deal that I recommend is Baldur's Gate 4 in one boxset. It features Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate: Tales Of The Sword Coast, Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn, And Baldurs Gate: Throne Of Bhaal. On Amazon it is currently going for 15 American Dollars.