A ball python once fully grown can be anywhere from around 4ft to 6ft long, so you will need to take this into consideration when buying your ball python cages. A good sized cage should be roughly around 4 feet long by 2 feet height and width. A good size aquarium will also work well as a cage, this aquarium should be around 55 gallons in size. The disadvantage to housing a ball python inside a glass aquarium is that the enclosure loses its heat very quickly. So if you are going down this route make sure you buy an under tank heater to keep it warm.

Lots of people will even make there own ball python cages out of wood and if you search around the Internet there are plenty of free cage plans knocking around to quickly get you started on making your own. Once you have got a cage for your ball python, its very important that you keep the temperature within the enclosure during the day at around 82 to 88 degrees and at night keep it around 72 to 78 degrees. Under tank heaters will help in keeping the ball python cage nice and warm.

Other good ways to keep the cage warm are heat strips and blankets, the lighting inside the cage is also a good heat source. A ball pythons natural habitat is very humid, so you will need to keep the humidity inside the cage to around 60 to 80 percent. A good tip to increase humidity is to place a small water dish directly under the lighting bulbs.

Ball python cages should also be cleaned at least once a week, if its a glass cage make sure that you wipe the walls down with water and a mild soap mixture. You will also need to place a fresh water dish inside the cage everyday for drinking and soaking. Before you even buy a ball python cage though, you will need to know exactly how to maintain the temperature and humidity within the cage. Its no good buying the cage and learning how to do it as you go along.