Love These Sensory Balls!

Good news for boomers and seniors - sensory balls are a big help for them as well as the grandkids!

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her grandboys love ball tag around and under and behind their trees(46881)
Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

Fun and Physical Senior Citizen Activities for Grandparents AND Grandchildren

Having Fun With the Grandkids In a Softer Gentler Way

My grandchildren and I love to play outside together. One of our favorite games is ball tag. I love it because, if your health is up to it, it's one of those fun and physical senior citizen activities that is extra special thanks to all the extra hugs you get. Plus it helps the grandkids get all their wiggles out. They love it because they love to run AND they love to beat grandma.

What is ball tag, you might be asking. It's playing tag by throwing a ball to tag your opponent rather than having to actually catch and "tag" the person. It's much easier for this baby boomer granny nanny since my grandsons are much faster than I. And even though they won't often admit it, it's actually easier for them as well - especially the younger grandkids. 

We usually use the small light-weight plastic play balls for kids that you can easily find at grocery stores and in Walmart. But they also have some of the Edushape sensory balls that have little "knobs" all around the balls. Those are wonderful "tactile" balls that are especially good as sensory toys for kids with sensory integration disorder, or who are autistic or have other special needs. But they work wonderfully for all the children, and they are definitely great for the seniors who play with them and babysit them. It's much easier for me to grab the ball thanks to those little knobs. And, while I am in excellent shape relatively speaking, my hands do occasionally shake a bit (probably as much from all the computer work I do as from my age). Those knobs make it easier for me to catch the ball and hold on to it. Because they're soft and light, they don't hurt for ball tag, making them an excellent ball for any family. And especially for all of us who love to play ball tag.

The rules for ball tag are the same as regular tag. You chase the other players, throw the ball and if it touches them they are it. I do caution the kids to try hard to avoid faces as any ball will sting when it hits the face. However, by sticking to the small plastic play balls and the soft Edushape sensory balls, we are generally OK, even if it does accidentally hit a face.

Playing ball tag definitely makes for fun activities for both grandparents and grandchildren, it's a great way to teach and reinforce the rules of good sportsmanship, and it's excellent exercise for young and old. Join us, won't you.

Ball Tag is one of the favorite activities for grandparents and grandchildren at our house

We love to use these small plastic play balls for kids as well as the sensory balls

Ball tag is one of those fun and physical kid AND senior citizen activities we love
Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK