Ballet Clothes for Girls are Available in Many Styles

Ballet clothes for girls include leotards, tights, ballet shoes, chiffon wrap skirts, legwarmers, and sometimes a practice tutu.

Most ballet instructors will insist on the leotards, which are generally made from nylon lycra for stretch. The main reason for this is that the dance instructor needs to see the girl's body as she dances to be sure that she is properly executing the steps she is learning. Nearly all dance instructors are also insistent on light colored tights. White, nude, or even pale pink are generally acceptable, while black is generally not.

Ballet School Requirements
Some schools will be particular about the color of the leotards as well, although many will allow each girl to make her own color choices. Regardless of whether they are required or just chosen, pink leotards tend to be most popular with younger girls. Leotards come in all range of colors. Many girls enjoy choosing ballet clothes in some vibrant shade. It is easy to find leotards in any shade of the spectrum.

Ballet Class #8

Ballet Clothes For Girls Come In Many Different Styles

Girls have more choices in leotard design than ever before. Girls have the choice of standard short or long sleeved leotards, as well as sleeveless variations and many with capped and ruffled sleeves.

Necklines vary as widely. There are modest and high necked leotards as well as scoop neck, V- neck, and even wider neck openings with off the shoulder style sleeves. Full-length leotards, sometimes called unitards, are versatile enough to use for boys as well as girls.


Ballet Dresses and Dance Dresses for Girls

Some leotards are made with a built-in skirt design, and these are often referred to as ballet dresses. Ballet dresses can be very short or in longer lengths. These dance dresses have as much or more variation in their designs as do leotards. You can find ballet dresses for girls in tank, tunic, halter, wrap, camisole, and many more styles. More popular, perhaps, are wrap tie or pull-on skirts to wear over the leotards. These can be made from most any lightweight sheer fabric. Georgette or Chiffon is a popular fabric for wrap tie skirts.

Chiffon wrap skirts are generally used for wearing to ballet class, while the classical tutu-style skirts are more often worn for performances or rehearsals. The tutu is usually made of tulle, and can be layered over dressier leotards for recitals. Recital costumes are often made of satin and are sometimes embellished with sequin trim.


Legwarmers and Ballet Slippers

There are also lightweight pants and shorts sold as ballet clothes for girls that are useful for covering up when class is over. For warmth, legwarmers are essential. Some dance teachers prefer these be removed during class. They serve a valuable function both in warming up and keeping warm between the studio and home.

Ballet shoes for girls are available in leather, canvas, and satin. Serious ballet schools will have a regulation slipper type that they require. Pink leather full-sole slippers are generally what most ballet teachers ask that students wear to class.

Although ballet clothes for girls almost always mean leotards and tights, there are endless options available for the young dance student.



Photo Credit: Oude School (Flikr: Ballet Class #8) CC by 2.0