Steps to Apply For Jobs In Baltimore, MD

Founded in 1729, Baltimore City is the largest independent city in the United States of America.  Although Baltimore City's population has been decreasing steadily since the 1970's, the population is still hovering at around 621, 000 and about 2.7 million in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  The city of Baltimore is named after Lord Baltimore who was the founding proprietor of the Maryland Colony.

Baltimore, like come states in the Mid-West once used to be a major industrial city but with deindustrialization, many of those jobs are lost and gone forever.  Baltimore is now a service oriented city, which provides health, financial and business services.  Companies like Johns Hopkins Hospital, Legg Mason and T. Rowe Price call Baltimore their home. 

Finding a job in Maryland can be very stressful. However, it is easier because of the ease of access that the Internet provides. It used to be that the Baltimore Sun was the primary source of finding jobs but today there are many places where you can look for jobs.  This guide will help you find Baltimore jobs hiring both currently and will list Companies in Baltimore that you can apply to who may not currently be hiring. This list will be updated regularly with job links and news about upcoming career fairs in Baltimore.

The job search can be distressing and touch but if you keep at it, you will find something. Keep in mind that it may not be your dream job, but once you get your foot in the door, you can position yourself to get into your dream position. A good way to get into a company is to go to their Human Resources  and ask to volunteer in order to learn. Yes, I said volunteer, especially for those who are unemployed or on unemployment.  If you volunteer at a company, when a position opens, they would consider you before they consider someone from the outside.  I've landed a couple of great jobs this way. However, you've got to think outside the box in order to get where you want. You might consider it "giving your time away for nothing," however, the short period of time I spent volunteering my time was paid three and four times over when I landed good paying positions. It is a good way for you to see if it is a company you would like to start a long term relationship with and it is a great way for the company to know what they are getting before they pay for it.

It is a easy way to put your foot in the door. Companies usually hire from within before they take outside application. Though you are not officially on the payroll, your considered "within" the company. Hospitals, Offices and Services Orientated places are great places to volunteer your time.

If you do not already have a resume, make sure you make one. There are free online sources that will guide you on how to write your resume.  Also, make  sure you have at least one good suit to wear to interviews. You can always dry clean it, but you should have at least one good suit or suitable attire for interviewing.

Next Career Fairs For Baltimore Jobs Hiring:

Baltimore Career Fair

Monday, March 5, 2012
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Doubletree by Hilton
890 Elkridge Landing Road
Linthicum, MD 21090

***Always dress in proper business attire when going to a job fair and bring a resume.***


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Check back regularly for updates

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