Bambino Diapers


  • Best adult diaper absorbency on the market
  • Phenomenal customer service
  • Shipping built into price
  • Discreet shipping
  • Thick adult diaper to allow you to feel secure and protected all day long
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Fast shipping
  • Multiple choices of adult diaper "types"
  • Secure tapes that you can untape and retape multiple times without any problems
  • Plastic diaper


  • None, I could not really find a disadvantage to these.

Full Review

Bambino Diapers are a relatively new adult diaper that sprung on the market a few years ago and has exploded into the lime light in a good way. This adult diaper is the ultimate adult diaper on the market and probably the most absorbent diaper on the market. It is made by the Bottom Half Group which is an extremely reputable company.

The adult diaper is famously known in the adult baby world because of its design and maximum absorbency that out does pretty much any other adult diaper on the market. The comfort, fit, and customer service are also top of the line. The company is extremely professional and understands the meaning of being discreet which is very important to some people who use adult diapers.

One big positive about Bambino Diapers is that they make several different "types" of adult diapers. If you like the frontal design then you can get that design on the front OR if you just want a plain all-white super absorbent thick adult diaper then you can get that too. They cost the same price as well. They refer to each of their lines of adult diapers as the Bambino "Classico", "Bianco" and their brand new "Teddy" Bambino diaper. Whatever you are looking for whether you are into the design aspect of the adult diaper or just want the best adult diaper on the market but just want all-white instead of the designs, you can get that too.

In Closing

I highly recommend the Bambino Diapers for both the incontinence community as well as the adult baby community. If you haven't given these a chance...try a sample pack or a normal pack of them to see just how amazing these adult diapers are. Once you try them I guarantee you will never go back to the old adult diapers you were using.