The use of blinds in your home is an excellent way to add to your décor while providing window coverings that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. There are many different types of blinds that can be used in a variety of window sizes and styles. The type and size of window will help you determine the exact bamboo blind that you should be using for your window coverings. Using bamboo material, a homeowner can create a look of warmth and add a touch of exotic design to any living space through the use of bamboo blinds.

Traditionally, bamboo blinds are known as sudare or misu as Japanese window coverings. They can be used both indoors and outside depending on the type of bamboo blinds and the window that you need to cover. Bamboo blinds are made with very thin strips of bamboo material, which are woven together, whittled and stripped of their outer skin and joints. The ancient art of bamboo blind making is a time-crafted procedure that uses both manual and mechanical methods for production.

Bamboo shades typically do not block out all of the sunlight, but rather only provide shade while giving your room natural light, therefore if you are looking for darkness in rooms such as a bedroom you will need to have an optional blackout liner for your bamboo blinds. Bamboo gives the look of wood although it is sensitive to moisture, so be sure to keep bamboo blinds in rooms other than the bathroom or kitchen unless you seek out specially treated bamboo blinds. If you do not have treated blinds, you may find that mould will be your next task to deal with for your bamboo blinds.

Characteristically, there are two main types of bamboo blinds; the type that roll upwards with a string, also known as the Roman blind or shade, and ones that fold up in sections of slats which are flat and range in sizes of width and size. The style that fits your décor and taste will be as individual as you are. There is no perfect bamboo blind for everyone, but there will be a perfect bamboo blind for a room in your home.

Making the choice for bamboo blinds in your home will be dependent on what you are looking for in a blind. Do you want shade but still natural light or are you looking for the artistic décor with the option for blackout liners? Do you need an inside mount or outside the window frame? This will depend on the style of windows that are currently in your home and how you will need to install the bamboo blinds once you purchase them. Do you prefer the roller bamboo blinds or the slats? Each one has their own design and can fit with a variety of interior designs for your home.

Bamboo blinds can be found at a number of home improvement stores, interior design retail locations and even specialty bamboo websites through the Internet. They are more readily available for purchase these days than they were years ago and are inexpensive when compared to other types and styles of window coverings. The size and style of the bamboo blind of your choice will also determine exactly how much your bamboo blind will cost.