Bamboo ceiling fans are one of the more popular choices of tropical ceiling fans on the market. Their look is appealing to both people seeking an island style and to those that love organic home decor. In this post, you'll learn more about this cool piece of bamboo decor, why bamboo is so popular, and the prices for these popular ceiling fans out on the market. 

Bamboo Ceiling Fans: Sustainable Coolness, Tropical Style

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Bamboo is a pretty astonishing plant. While it's technically a member of the grass family, bamboo's strength as an organic building material is more comparable to a tree. But it stills grows in dense packs and as fast as most grasses - ten times faster than trees - making it an amazing sustainable resource. Because of this, it's a popular choice for all sorts of home decor, particularly bamboo ceiling fans.

With a bamboo ceiling fan, you can feel good that you are making a more eco-friendly choice for your home decor. Organic home decor is a very popular style these days, and these fans fit the bill. Plus, their earthy tones fit a natural home decor style which really helps blend the indoors with the outdoors in any home. 

bamboo ceiling fan bladeMany bamboo ceiling fan styles also provide a tropical flair to your decor, making them a perfect complement to that island motif you've been perfecting. Their blades tend to be more of the circular style you see throughout the Caribbean and other tropical areas, and their natural hues of deep to light browns and woven patterns give a constant reminder to any room of peaceful beaches and pure relaxation.

There are many differences between tropical ceiling fans and classic ceiling fans, including blade size and motor strength, and with most bamboo ceiling fans, the same is true. You'll find them powerful enough to cool down even the hottest and most humid days, both inside or out.

Where To Use Bamboo Ceiling Fans

As mentioned, if you are searching for decor to fit right in with other pieces of organic home decor, island motifs, or beach themes, these ceiling fans are for you. Bamboo ceiling fans can be used in any room in a home. They are extremely popular living room and bedroom ceiling fans, but don't forget home foyers and outdoor patios. Because of the strength of these fans, they can create a pretty big breeze, so no room size, indoor or out, is off-limits. 
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If you've got bamboo floors in your home - very popular these days - a bamboo ceiling fan is a great complement to them. They are also terrific pieces to use with natural hard wood floors as the color of the bamboo blades are relatively easy to match. This really opens up the opportunities to use these fans in all sorts of  homes with wood floors. 

Bamboo Ceiling Fan Prices

You can find these fans from $150 to $500, dependent on blade size and design. You can also find packs of bamboo fan blades ranging from $100 to $300 or more for a pack of five. The prices are right in line with other tropical ceiling fan styles like rattan and palm leaf ceiling fans, though wicker ceiling fans tend to come in slightly less expensive. 

No matter the style you buy, you'll love your bamboo ceiling fan when you've got it up and running. These fans are full of personality and make a big statement. When it comes to creating an atmosphere in an eco-friendly way, few ceiling fan styles can match them. They've got style and sustainability in spades, and your home will certainly shine with one front and center.