Installing bamboo fencing in your back yard can add greatly to the aesthetic appeal of any home. There is a huge variety of bamboo fencing styles, most of which far outdo traditional hardwood fences in terms of craft and elegance. Like any fence, though, a bamboo fence requires a decent amount of maintenance and care. These few simple bamboo fencing care tips should help you keep your fence looking great for years to come.

Sanding the rough edges of your bamboo fence every few months will keep it from splintering. Splinters and loose pieces can cause a big danger hazard, especially if you have young children and pets that often play in the back yard. In addition to making your fence safer, sanding it keeps it looking smooth and clean.

One effective way to protect your bamboo fence and extend its lifespan is to give it a new coat of clear, outdoor sealer every one or two years. Two good choices re polyethylene and linseed oil. Place a string barrier around the fence while the sealer is drying to prevent any damage. Always wash the fence with a power washing machine before you put on the coat.

Damage inspections
You'll want to conduct regular damage inspections on your bamboo fence every month or so. Look for peeling, mold, breakage, termites, birds' nests and any other king of pest. Insect and bird nests can be especially troublesome when you have a bamboo fence. Knotholes and other issues can result in your bamboo fence rotting prematurely. You should of course call an exterminator after the very first sign of termites.

Moisture Rot
Do not allow the actual bamboo fencing to come in contact with the ground, as the moisture of the soil causes bamboo to rot. This is why the poles that form the vertical framework of most bamboo fence are actually made of hardwood and not bamboo. The bamboo fencing itself should be about one or two inches from the ground. Cover the gap with hardwood paneling or wire. You can further protect your quality bamboo fencing products from moisture rot and sunlight by covering your bamboo fencing in a few layers of UV-resistant varnish every one or two years.