The different types of bamboo wall coverings

Bamboo wallpaper and wall coverings come in three forms, textured or printed paper manufactured to look like real bamboo, or natural bamboo used for panelling or Wainscoting and large paper or vinyl murals that can be used to cover an entire wall.

Most bamboo wallpaper is in fact artificial bamboo designed to look like actual canes or strips of bamboo affixed to the wall, in a similar way to natural bamboo panelling, others are more traditional Platin Art Wall Mural Deco Wall, Bamboo, 8-Feet 4-Inch by 12-Feet(93158)Credit: Platin Art/Amazonwallpaper designs with a repeating pattern of bamboo stems and leaves often in an oriental style and there are even modern designs that present a very natural looking view of live green bamboo plants to really liven up your spaces.

What you choose and indeed whether you choose a printed artificial bamboo paper, real bamboo panelling or an abstract pattern will depend very much on the effect you are looking for.

Wallpaper is a very quick and cost effective way of giving a room a tropical feel, and is particularly suited to a den, or beach themed room. It can also be very effective in a bathroom setting, where the addition of some complimentary plants and items such as a surfboard will create a fun tropical environment, or in any room for those looking for a nautical theme it can be combined with shells, fish, boats or coral.

If you wish to cover your walls in real bamboo the optio6' Foot Tall Bamboo Wall or Ceiling Covering Wainscoting - 111 Natural(93157)Credit: Think Bamboo/Amazonns are very nearly endless, from split bamboo with its highly unique texture, to sheets made from split woven bamboo fibres

which can be processed into many different shades and patterns yet still retain its natural appearance.

Flexible panels of bamboo are often referred to as Bamboo Tambour panels, common types include:

  • Split slats, where thin strips of bamboo, approximately 1/2" wide are mounted on cotton backing which aids adhesion to the wall, such as the example above.
  • Bamboo Panels, which can be adapted from bamboo screens or even fencing.
  • Woven bamboo panels, these are made from thin veneers and may have been weaved by hand into attractive patterns.

Tambour panels are flexible and can be applied to concave, convex, flat or circular surfaces, they often come unfinished meaning the installer can choose to oil, wax, stain or varnish for a truly unique finish. It is also easy to find manufactures that have signed-up to the FoYork Wallcoverings Candice Olson Kids CK7695 Bamboo Curtain Wallpaper, BrownCredit: York Wallcoverings/Amazonrestry Stewardship Council standards for responsible management of the world’s forests.

Both natural and artificial wall coverings can be affixed to walls and ceilings with normal wallpaper adhesives, natural panelling installations can also be attached or reinforced using nails or staples.

It is possible to find bamboo wallpaper at significantly lower prices than real bamboo and even at prices that exceed that of tambour, it pays to shop around and research prices on websites such as