BambooBamboo window blinds are fashionable, versatile and highly functional. The natural looks is stunning, modern and accents current trends very well. More and more decorators are using this look for serveral different reasons. The benefits, besides the attractive nature of these blinds are tremendous.

Bamboo Window Blinds


Bamboo window blinds have the great ability to adapt to different temperatures and weather conditions and are very durable and sturdy. Bamboo plants have a strapping tape quality that makes them very strong and flexible. They have a great ability to block out the sunlight or are easily rolled up to let the sunlight in.

The greatest benefit bamboo shades have to offer might just be surprising. They're environmentally friendly. Bamboo is considered a grass more so than a tree. It grows extremely fast and plentiful. Because of the growth system of this wonderful grass, it actually helps the plant to harvest stalks every 3 to 5 years. If the stalks are not harvested every so often, the plant would not be able to produce new sprouts and would fall over and die. Gives new a new meaning to "waste makes haste"?

Of course it isn't just used for window treatments, bamboo floors and furniture are also gaining popularity for more than one reason. With this great efficient process of the growth system, buying products made of this natural wonder is aiding in the conservation of trees and the rain forest. Buying bamboo window blinds and other products helps its growth process and saves trees!

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo window blinds have grown more popular as they have become more fashionable. There are many tints and styles to choose from. The tiny bladed, roll up shades are not the only choice. These are also available in roman blinds. Roman blinds fold up instead of rolling up. This style can be more sophisticate and appropriate for some home decor.

Care and cleaning:

Are bamboo blinds hard to care for? No, not at all. Basic clean up includes simply dusting the blinds with a dust cloth or feather duster regularly. To remove minor debris, wipe the blades with a soft, smooth cloth or using a vacuum cleaner brush for minor spruce ups.

For a deep cleansing, mix a bath of warm water and about 1/2 to 1 ounce of vegetable oil soap. This is a soap that is safe for wood products. Roll or fold up the blind, and remove it from the window Place it in the tub and gently shuffle it around in the sudsy water. Drain the water and rinse the shade off with the shower. Take it outside to dry by hanging it up in a warm sunny place. It's best if both sides can dry at the same time. Once the window treatment is completely dry, hang it back into place. If the shade has mold or mildew growth on it, it will have to be wash with a mixture 1 part bleach to 2 parts water.

Bamboo and culture:

An unusual use for placing bamboo around the house is that it's considered lucky by Chinese people. It is believed to bring luck with wealth, harmony, health and fortune. Of course, certain rules apply to the location for the luck to work properly.