You might be surprised and delighted to find out what kinds of products are being manufactured from the natural resource bamboo. Did you know that bamboo can be processed into fine textiles such as a silk like fiber or yarn that make extremely soft and durable clothing? Towels, linens, sheets and even socks are just a few of the products that come from bamboo that are actually improving the environment. Bamboo as a renewable resource could become the next best thing for homes and building materials as well. Let's take a look at the top ten reasons you should be buying and supporting production of materials made from bamboo.

Top 10 reasons you should buy bamboo products

1) Bamboo reaches maturation within 3-5 years vs. its counterpart, hardwoods which take 30-100 years to fully mature
2) Demand for bamboo products will slow deforestation of hardwoods because of its fast growing nature
3) Bamboo is an extremely strong plant and has the potential to replace steel and hardwood for building and flooring
4) When processed into fine fibers, fabrics from bamboo are extremely soft and durable and are naturally anti-microbial
5) Bamboo can be selectively harvested annually and regenerates without planting
6) It can be grown in soil that has been damaged by overgrazing or poor agriculture and requires very little water
7) Bamboo groves, on average, release 35 per cent more oxygen than a stand of trees
8) Because of its dense litter on the forest floor it helps feed the topsoil and improves agriculture for years to come
9) Bamboo plants grow successfully without any fertilizers or harmful pesticides
10) Bamboo is a renewable resource and if harvested correctly can yield 20 times more timber than trees

Buying bamboo products may seem like a small thing in this environmental mess that we've gotten ourselves into but every little step in the right direction helps. Imagine if everyone on the planet recycled or if just each of us one day a week walked or biked to work. Making one seemingly small choice to buy new bamboo furniture can help to support renewable resources will yield a better environment for generations to come.