Most blinds tend to be made of cloth, but harder, sturdier blinds are becoming more common. One of my favourite kinds are bamboo blinds, which give a wonder Asian or oriental look to any room. They are incredibly natural looking, which is perfect for a room made out of wood or also to contrast against a more modern construction material. They are also great in the way that they filter light, and let soft gentle tones of sunlight into a room, to dapple across the floor. Personally, I can't think of anything more relaxing than to sit in a comfy chair on a sunny day in a room sheltered by bamboo window blinds.

Bamboo blinds aren't just used as indoor blinds though. They can also be used as bamboo porch blinds, and really accentuate the natural look, and create a kind of bridge between the house and the outdoors. For this reason, many people also like to install bamboo door blinds, to blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors.

One thing you should really consider when you buy bamboo blinds is the thickness of the bamboo, and the number of bamboo in each blind. Thicker blinds keep out more light, which is good if you like the dark, or want to sleep, but they also cost a fair bit more than thinner blinds, which as you can imagine, use less actual bamboo!

You also need to be aware that, because bamboo is a natural material, it doesn't come in perfectly regular sizes. Don't expect the slats of bamboo to run in perfectly parallel lines - because they won't. I actually really like this, because it makes the light that filters in between each bamboo look more natural, especially when it is thrown onto a darkened wall or floor indoors.

Bamboo blinds have to be made by hand, and have to be made of mostly natural materials. Because of this, bamboo window blinds aren't always the cheapest option available to you. In fact, they can sometimes be considered something of a luxury item. But, if you shop carefully, it definitely isn't impossible to find a good supplier of cheap bamboo blinds.

If you are looking for cheap bamboo window blinds you should probably rule out specialist shops, unless you are lucky enough to hit an end of season, or going out of business sale. Home improvement stores are probably not a great option either - you won't find much of a choice and, although what you will find may be quite low cost, it will also probably be quite low quality.

Instead, I suggest going on the internet and approaching suppliers directly. That way you can find the best possible quality bamboo blinds and the best possible price.