It has always been said that baths are for luxurious relaxing while showers are better for everyday body cleaning and hygiene.  People have debated over and over about their preferences and what gives them a better feeling afterwards.

While both can be truly refreshing and relaxing, it will still depend on the person’s preferences.  If you are the type of person not to mind the additional units on your monthly electricity bill, you can savor your luxurious bath for as long as you like.  Most of us need to cut our electricity and water bills so banning the bath except for special occasions make sense.

Real Life Statistics on Bath versus shower-units

Basically, experts say that less energy is used whenever a person takes a shower than when that same person takes a bath.  Not everyone agrees of course, with those who prefer baths arguing that a long shower-unit may consume more water than a bath with its definite maximum water level.

The time it takes someone to shower needs to be considered, too, but with most people taking 5-10 minutes in the shower-unit it uses less water and less fuel to heat the water than a typical chest-high bath.

Generally, if your shower was built a decade or more ago, you are using more water than you would when compared to a modern day shower.  Older shower-units use an average 20 gallons of water for a 4 minute shower, as opposed to modern day shower-units that only consumes approximately 10 gallons per four minutes.

Try filling a 2 gallon bucket in the shower and it will take you much longer than you think . . . My own shower only uses about 1 gallon a minute.

How You Save Electricity Using a shower-unit

A low-flow eco-shower head today is said to consume only 7.7 liters per minute.  If you spend a minute less in the shower-unit you get to save even more on your electricity and water bill each month

To fully maximize each home’s  electricity and water savings, there is now a call for people to ditch their baths and opt for electric showers instead. 

Replacing one bath with a shower can save you up to 80 liters?  If you live in an area where water charges are high the savings to be made are astronomical, especially if you have a family with teenagers.

Other Great Benefits of Showers

While both baths and showers have their own benefits, here are other wonderful benefits of showers to convince you more:

  • Showers are fast.  It is almost impossible to have a 4 minute bath.
  • Showers are effective in hygiene.  This is because showers allow you to wash and rinse with the dirt going down the drain.  With a bath, you can wash but the dirt you washed off will still be in the same water you are bathing in.
  • Showers can feel like a massage.  With a great adjustable showerhead, the water flow can feel like a massage when it hits your skin.
  • Showers are preferred for hydrotherapy.  Hydrotherapy or water therapy involves showering with warm water that is followed by a quick burst of cold water.  This is usually done to stimulate and invigorate the body, therefore, releasing the unwanted tension.
  • Showers take up less room, and can easily be fitted in as an en-suite unit in a bedroom, or downstairs in your cloakroom