Monday through Friday you get up at the same time, get ready for work, eat the same breakfast, and drive the same way to end up doing the same thing at the office every day. You wait impatiently for the weekend, but when it comes, you repeat the schedule from all the previous weekends, taking care of shopping, straightening the house, going out with friends, having a family brunch. Nothing ever changes and you feel like you're stuck in the moment, except this moment takes over your whole life. If you've had enough of the monotony, you can start living a more colorful, more inspired life, but you have to start right away.

Oatmeal and coffee for breakfast might be energizing and quick, but if you have it five times a week every week, it's just plain boring. Try to have something different every day of the week, blueberry pancakes with warm honey and lemon juice, scrambled eggs with onions, peppers and bacon stuffed in pita bread, french toast sandwich with cream cheese, banana and strawberries, or whatever it is that you feel like. As long as it's colourful, tasty and nutritious, it's a perfect start to a more vivacious day.

Chances are you wear kind of a uniform to work, whether it's business suit or more casual slacks and cardigans. Going against your company dress code is not a good idea, but you can liven up any outfit with some smart accessories or braver colour choices. Take a look at couture fashion collections and borrow a scarf in place of a belt idea from one designer or broaches clipped on shoes from another, whatever works for your personal style, is in agreement with the dress code, and at the same time spices up your outfits.

Change things up on your way to work, taking different routes and maybe carpooling, and continue on once you get to the office by changing your daily order of doing things, maybe rearranging your desk, getting lunch from a different place and switching your coffee order. Keep going after work, taking a different road back, stopping at a different store to pick up dinner, having kids picked up from school by your spouse or a neighbour picking their kids up.

At home try to do things differently as well. Forget the TV and turn on some music while you make dinner, get the family involved in preparing the meal, try out new recipes. And make plans for the upcoming weekend that have nothing to do with your every weekend, so if you normally spend the Saturdays digging in the yard, don't get your hands dirty this time; if you stay home every weekend, take off to visit a historic town nearby or go to the city; and if the whole family spends weekends apart doing their thing, this week have everybody involved in one project so you can catch up and have some fun together.

When routine sneaks up on you, life becomes like a TV schedule, with only occasional interruptions in regular programming. If you let that happen, your family will likely grow apart and you yourself will get bored and feel stuck. But you're the only person that can change your life, you decide whether it's bland or vivid, so if you don't want to end up in a black and white version, spice things up, change the way you do things and end up in a colour life you deserve.