There are many stylish and functional aspects of the kitchen that contribute to the creation of the general theme. From the more dominating pieces such as the cabinetry and the appliances, to the seemingly minute accessories that tend to fill in some of the gaps. These smaller accessories include pieces like; towel holders, cookbook holders, and the various decorative pieces. Unfortunately, the more functional aspects of the kichen get overlooked as possibly contributing to the style, among one of the more commonly overlooked accessories in this category is the banana holder.

Banana Holder Functionality

banana holderThe banana holder was developed as a means to store bananas in a way that closely resembled their natural habitat. Prior to the development of the banana holder, bananas were generally stored simply by resting flat on a surface, typically the counter top. As a result of this, the bananas actually in contact with the surface of whatever they are resting on tended to bruise and go bad fairly quickly. In addition to that, the overall shelf life of the bananas were only a few days after becoming ripe.

With the inception of the banana holder, this problem as solved virtually overnight for people who implemented the new accessory. The bananas could now be stored in a space saving hanging display that was similar to how they hung on the trees in which they grew. As a result of this, they began lasting much longer.

Banana Holder Styles

The style of banana holders vary quite a bit. There are a wide array of different styles available that exhibit different materials and general structure. The primary and most popular structure consists of a single base with a curved hook protruding from it. However, more modernized and innovative styles are being created and released into the mainstream, such as the under the cabinet banana hook that connects to the bottom lip of a set of cabinetry and provides a hook for hanging.

From the various types of wood finishes available, to the many metallic and more modern designs, there are styles that suit any and all types of kitchen themes. While in fact these accessories are exctremely functional in their ability to preserve bananas as well as save counter top space, they also prove to be a viable kitchen accent that can successfully contribute to the entirety of the space.