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The pain is relieved quickly.
Blisters heal much faster.
You can walk without pain.


Price is more than regular band-aids (but worth it)
The effective area the band-aid can cover is about one inch.
They may have larger blister band-aids but I didn't see them
These are not for use on a chemical blister - See your doctor for that.

Full Review

Blisters are a pocket of fluid under your skin; they can be painful and are usually caused by friction against the skin. Blisters can also be caused by burning, freezing and chemical exposure of your skin. Treating a blister used to require time to heal, and the process of healing could be very painful, until recently.

I have had occasion to experience painful blistering of my feet due to forceful rubbing on the heals, toes, balls, and inside of my feet while hiking. The pain of walking on blistered feet is almost unbearable, nothing seems to reduce the pain except for time or keeping off your feet. Keeping off my feet was not an option when I was in the Army and again was not an option later at the Post Office. No matter the shoe or socks that I chose my feet would blister whenever I went hiking or went on long walks.

Several years ago I had a temporary job with the US Post Office delivering mail – not necessarily the smartest thing to do when my feet were so sensitive. However, the difference this time was that I purchased Band-Aid brand Advance Blister Healing gel band-aids. I was a bit skeptical that they would work from my previous experience with blister pain.

My husband calls me "Yankee-ish" when it comes to my spending habits, since I prefer not to spend money foolishly. I had already spent good money on the shoes because I have extra wide, flat feet and have always had a difficult time finding shoes and boots that fit properly. So when I saw the cost of the blister band-aids I was a bit hesitant. They were about 2 to 3 times the cost of regular band-aids. My husband convinced me to purchase them anyway by saying that I was worth it. I agreed that if they worked they would definitely be worth the expense – but I was still skeptical.

I went home and read the directions which were extremely straight forward. I placed the gel band-aid on my blisters – I had three of them. I expected to still feel the pain but I was wrong, the pain almost immediately disappeared and I was able to put socks and shoes back on my feet. Thankfully the blister band-aids worked; I couldn't afford as a temporary employee to call off because of blisters. The pain remained gone and I was able to walk again on my feet without even a limp. I left the band-aid on my blister for several days afraid to remove them for fear that the pain would return. After several days I finally removed the blister healing band-aids and the blisters were almost completely gone. I had never had blisters heal that quickly.

I am skeptical about a lot of claims made by companies about their products, but when I find something that works as well as these blister band-aids I become their biggest salesperson. Not long after that I bumped my arm up against a hot pan that had just come out of the oven. I quickly ran my arm under cold water but the pain would not subside. My husband and I went to the pharmacy to get something for the burn and we found Band-aid had a gel burn band-aid specifically for burns. We purchased them and I placed one on my arm. The pain was gone almost immediately and it was healed in just a few days.

In Closing

I would suggest to anyone who has a blister or a burn to look for band-aid brand blister healing or burn healing band-aids. I am not a fan of "no pain, no gain" mentality if there is something that can be done for it. I say "no pain, hooray" and it was worth every penny. However, you can probably find a coupon on the band-aid website for their products.