Most people care for their pets as if they were their own children. Of course, over the pet's lifetime, an owner needs to care for their personal needs, including their health. Whether you own a cat, a dog or even a rabbit, experts suggest regular health check-ups. Of course, in between those visits are the unexpected trips to the veterinarian to get consultations for sudden illnesses or injuries. Taking care of your pet's health can be very expensive, but there are ways to reduce these costs.

Purchasing pet insurance is a way to control costs. One brand to consider is insurance offered by Banfield. Banfield has several health plans that are tailored to meet the needs of owners. Most plans cover the expense of check ups, vaccines, laboratory tests and even teeth cleaning. Of note, people who buy this insurance may also receive sale prices on other types of medical services such as specialty lab tests, prescription medications or surgeries such as neutering or spaying.

Insurance for Dogs

Dogs will need regular physicals, injections and other medical procedures over their lifetime. Depending on the insurance plan selected, much of these expenses are covered. Also, since you can determine your health costs ahead of time, you can plan for long term treatments and maintenance of chronic conditions without sticker shock upon receiving a bill. Your dog will lead a longer, healthier life with proper health care and insurance can help lower those costs (keeping owners happy, too).

Insurance for Cats

A caring cat owner will work hard to ensure their cat's longevity by investing in its health. Felines have specific health issues that need to be addressed in partnership with a veterinarian. Like the dog plans, there are plans that include different types of services. Your cat will receive the best care when you, as an owner, take time to consider its health over the long-term.

Types of Plans

Pet insurance issued by Banfield has four plan levels for dogs and cats, respectively. Each successive level offers more comprehensive levels of care, meaning more types of tests and procedures are covered at the higher levels. A Basic-style plan, generally, includes check-ups and vaccines whereas the highest fourth level would have a large amount of tests, surgeries and supplemental physician visits covered. The two intermediate plans fall somewhere in between.

What plan should you choose? It depends on the age and needs of your pet. Upon deciding what plan is best for you, there is an upfront payment followed by a fee assessed once a month. The monthly payment is much lower than an unexpected out of pocket cost from an unplanned for pet health issues. Given how little the plan costs, even upfront, compared to the costs of health procedures, it certainly is a bargain not to be missed.

Pets are wonderful companions. In exchange for their loyalty and love, make sure they lead a long and happy life by taking care of their health. Pet insurance by Banfield helps owners give the best care to their pets at a significant savings.