Most of us agree that a trip to Bangkok is said to be incomplete without spending an evening in the Bangkok night clubs. If you are a person who loves having fun and parties, well, you are in the right place. Night life and the bars at Bangkok are a treat not only for the tourists but the locals love it as well.

Over the years the Bangkok night life and more specifically the night clubs have become synonymous with cheap sex and prostitution .Nothing can be further from the truth. Yes, Bangkok has its murkier side, but they are very few and adverse publicity has blown it out of proportion.

Bangkok Night ClubsThe Thais are a kind gentle people who take great pride in their hospitality and you will be able to see this in ample measure in the many nightspots all over the city.

In Bangkok you will be able to find a night club whatever your sexual orientation is. Go-go bars, huge super clubs, pubs, cocktail lounges and hostess bars are the greatest attractions of the people over there. Of course, Bangkok is also home to gays and lesbian bars which obviously are a huge attraction. You can feel the pulse of the diverse blend of crowd in these night clubs and bars.

When you are in the Bangkok night clubs, you can feel the night fading away amidst music and fancy drinks, dancing and singing. There are a few night clubs where you can really feel the night life in Bangkok. You should not miss out RCA if you are in the look out for big upscale clubs. Here, you will find nearly six clubs where you meet hip expats and rich Thais, all gathered to enjoy hip hop, drum, bass and R&B. No doubt it is a great place for socializing.

The next focal point is the Bed Supper Club which is one of the most exciting and enjoyable Bangkok night clubs. You really get the mood of night life in this classy club with white oval interiors and cozy couches. You can enjoy cocktails, mock tails and liquor along with fantastic music.

Well, it doesn't stop with this. You will be surprised to know that there are Bangkok night clubs where you can meet the hottest Thai women. To name a few, you have the Titanium Club and Ice Bar which is situated along Sukhumvit 22 in the Klongtoey district. Here you can find an ice bar and dancing floor together. It gives you the opportunity to talk as well as dance with beautiful Thai girls. This place attracts vast crowd because here you can enjoy music, unique drinks and beautiful Thai women, all under one roof.

The next in the check list of Bangkok night clubs is Glow, a large and comfortable place giving you a feel of Asian tradition and with also lots of lights, glass and beautiful Thai women.

If you are in the look out for trendy Thai women, well go to the 808 Nightclub which is one of the popular Bangkok nightclubs situated on Royal City Avenue. It is an area well known for mega-clubs, and amazing DJ's.

The list of Bangkok night clubs would be incomplete if we don't make a mention about Q Bar Bangkok, a place for locals and Westerners. One of the unique feature of this club is it starts off much earlier, unlike other night clubs in Bangkok. Even if you go in around 9 or 10 P.M, you will find this place crowded entirely with young women and men getting ready to dance.

If you are looking for a week away from the strains of a busy schedule, there is no place better than Bangkok. That is why it attracts over four million tourists a year from all over the world. Bangkok night clubs offers you a wonderful taste of the night life in Bangkok city.