I used to have an account with Barclay's Bank but was getting charged ridiculous amounts for going over-drawn even though I had an authorised OD. So I closed the account and went to NatWest, I was advised that they are the better one of all the banks, yeah right!

I decided to check my account on-line today, to see if I had enough money to pay for my bills as they always come together at the same time, just like the buses. I found that I was £102.00 over-drawn, why? because the bank withdrew its monthly fees last month even though I didn't have enough money to cover it, thus taking me OD, as a result they say that because I had an unauthorised OD last month, they have to deduct it from my account this month. The problem is that I am unemployed and the only money I get is from the DSS, and it's not much, enough to pay for food and maybe one utility bill if I am lucky. By them taking me OD by £102.00 means that when I get paid next week by the DSS, it will all go towards the OD, yet again and I am left with nothing for food. I have always kept my account in the green never in the red, the only ones that put me in the red are the banks themselves with their bank charges. I don't feel this is fair or legal, and I will most definitely be reporting them to the OMBUDSMAN because this is just daylight robbery! They know that I am unemployed yet they still try to get money out of me by purposely taking me OD. What is wrong with this world? is there anyone around that has a heart let alone a conscious? everyone is out to con everyone else with so much disregard as to whether one can afford it or not, some would probably sell their mothers if it was possible, just to get that extra money.

These banks can afford to wait until the client has money in their account, before taking their fees out can't they? but in doing so, they won't make money so they have to deliberately put us OD just to charge us their high fees for going OD, that way they make their profit and they are happy. Nice pat on the back and give the CEO a fat bonus at the end of the year regardless of how many lives they have ruined as long as they are happy who cares!

I will definitely be going to see the bank manager tomorrow morning and have a right go at him/her because this is just not fair. I wish I had a guardian angel to look out for me and help me in this time of need. I hate being without a job and now this, I have always worked all my life, then last December I got laid off, I didn't even get paid my last salary, and I've gone for interviews every week, but once they know my age, they are not interested, you have to be less than 35yrs now to get a job. Bank charges just adds insult to injury!

I know that Barclay's and Lloyd's TSB were just as bad as each other and then a friend of mine suggested NatWest, saying that they were very good but at the end of the day, is there such a thing as a good and honest bank? I think they are all the same and all out to con their clients out of as much money as they possibly can. I might just try the Post Office Bank, why not, they have no monthly fees from what I understood, or there is Santander, or even HSBC, let me try them and see what they have to offer an unemployed person.


Are the banks over the top fees justifiable?