Technology is spreading its roots in almost every industry. The use of technology has been easing the lives of working class during past few years.

The case with banking industry is no different. Nowadays online banking is on its boom. And why wouldn't it be? Banking is almost a necessity for everyone who is a salary earner, or is contributing in any form of a personal business activity.

Visiting bank for making even a least bit of transaction used to be a common practice earlier. With amazing advancement in technology, people can now operate their bank accounts without waiting for their turns to come.

Online banking these days isn't in any way confined to having a virtual account only. Almost all the banks now offer an option for online banking that allows the customer to check the account status and balance at home. Apart from this online banking assists in transferring funds and paying bills. Except for the deposit or retrieval of cash, online banking fulfills all banking needs of the customers.

The best part about online banking is basically the convenience of customer to manage all the money matters without visiting any bank. Not visiting banks to often can earn customers quite a decent return as they will be saving a lot of bank's money.

Following are some of the advantages of indulging in online banking:

1. The account can get accessed 24 hours and 7 days a week from any location. This means that even if a customer is on vacation, there can be no hindrance in the banking operations.

2. Customers can easily pay bills, check statements and bank balance, cancel standing orders and direct debits at a time that suits them.

3. The online banking can be very time saving for the customer and resource saving for the bank.

4. The chance of any fraud reduces in case of online banking as all the movements can get easily spotted.

Before opening an online account, a customer must keep in mind the need and importance of security. In order to keep the money safe, a customer must at least know few of the primary things about online banking and internet security. Banks are often advice the customers not to link their bank account from their email link. The link may turn out to be a false link and this might prove to be a big threat to security.

Using a shared computer to access the banking details leaves a customer quite vulnerable to password theft. This can lead to disastrous and obvious consequences. Also before getting started, customers must ensure the use of a good firewall and software to combat pop-ups, spyware and different types of viruses. The protection should be kept updated at all times.

Online security can be deceptive. People who don't have much of a technological know-how may have a rough time differentiating between good and bad online security practices. Security in the tangible world is much more spontaneous and easier to deal with instead of the Internet.