Bankruptcy is something that no business wants to face at any point of its operational life. However, due to the highly volatile economic conditions within the recent past, many businesses have filed for bankruptcy to protect themselves. More importantly, it has been small businesses that have faced the brunt of the economic downturn. Here are a few simple ways to steer clear of bankruptcy if you own a small or medium sized business. Even if you don't own any business and are an employed individual, you can still take advantage from the following tips mentioned in this article.

Avoid Debt
The first thing to do is avoid debt at all costs. Several small businesses think that they need a large amount of capital to start off their business. There is a reason that they fall under the "small" business category. This is obviously because of the low amount of investment that they start up with. So avoid taking heavy loans right from the get-go because this will not only hinder your chances of success in the future, but also make you heavily dependent on the loans. You will have to spend the rest of your life paying the debt off and if your business venture doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, then you will have to sell your assets off to repay lenders.

So remember, don't jump into your new business venture by acquiring lots of loans. Take your time to expand and only make purchases that are extremely necessary for the functioning of your business. Once your business is able to stand on its own feet, then you can purchase other things as long as your budget permits it. If you are able to keep a constant check on how much you're spending and borrowing, there is a great chance that you will never face bankruptcy.

Reason With Creditors
If you have already managed to get yourself in debt, you can negotiate with your creditors. Doing so will help you in avoiding bankruptcy. Believe it or not, some creditors actually listen to what you have to say. So if you show them that you are willing and not yet able to pay off the total debt, they can help you ward off bankruptcy. Be confident when talking to creditors because they can sense the slightest hint of nervousness or dishonesty. Draw a road map as to how long it will take you to repay all your debt. This will make your case more credible.

Look for Investors
It is very important that you look for the right kind of investors if you think you might face bankruptcy. If you are able to provide a solid business plan to these investors, they actually might end up giving you the loan that you desperately need to avert bankruptcy. Look for investors within your family who are willing to help you out. Friends and relatives can be a great source of investment as long as you give them a firm business proposition.