Can any trader go lower than the Banks in their handling of People


Who are the real bad guys in Today’s market place?

Over the years the accolade for the bad guy has moved
from Replacement Window Salesman to Second-hand car salesman then Estate Agents
and now the crown has finally come to rest on the true and undisputed champion
“The Banks”.

In the past the old person to fall fail to any tradesman was
the person involved, we have all felt for the unfortunate person and even on
occasions failed to understand how this person actually fell for their tricks.

Finally we have a true and undisputed champion who have
taken the rogue trader to new heights that will never be surpassed in any of
our lifetimes,

Welcome the rogue to beat all rogues the banks.


Even the little old lady who has never had or even wanted
to have a bank account is falling foul of this dirty tricks brigade.

Pensioners are having their final home took away from
them, just when they thought it couldn’t get any worst having sold the family
home with all the memories of Children and Grand Children growing up they come
to rest in a care home, and now finally they are worried where they will
finally settle and keep their dignity for their remaining years.


Next we move on to the young generation, who possibly
will never be able to own their own home due to the banks refusing to offer


In the middle are the young families who are continuing
worried about unemployment and the repercussions of losing their home.


The life blood of any Country has always been the entrepreneur
starting up new businesses and eventually employing new people, the rug has
finally been pulled from under their feet due to lack of investment.


The Banks are the single reason for the biggest challenge
the world has known and now they sit smugly in their offices sending out threatening
letters which all the leading rogues of the past would have been ashamed of.


So where do we go with our money?, Interest rates are so
low investing is just a complete waste of time, mortgages are nearly impossible
to obtain due to the bad lending policies, investments in businesses is nonexistent.


If any other trade would have carried out their business
like the banks they would most certainly have been put out of business.


Not the banks not only have us the tax payers bailed them
out for the privilege we are all now paying double for the unprofessional
attitude, It has been said that we cannot sack these bankers as we need their
expertise to get us out of this trouble.


“Even Monty Python could not have written that script”