If you are a fan of Banksy, the English graffiti artist, you should consider buying famous Banksy prints and Banksy canvas art. Banksy prints are a very popular form of satirical street art that combines cool graphic designs with social commentary. 

Banksy (Reproduction) Queens Guard Art Print Poster
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I really like this piece of art by Banksy called "Queens Guard."

According to Wikipedia, Banksy is known for his contempt for the government in labelling graffiti as vandalism. But is Banky's graffiti really vandalism? I would say absolutely not! It's ART, and it takes a tremendous amount of skill. And it has a ton of meaning behind it. His graffiti art or wall art shows up all over London and are getting more popular each year as well.

What is Banksy's technique when doing his street art? He is quoted saying this: "I use whatever it takes. Sometimes that just means drawing a moustache on a girl's face on some billboard, sometimes that means sweating for days over an intricate drawing. Efficiency is the key."

Here are a couple of other awesome quotes by Banksy:

"There are four basic human needs; food, sleep, sex and revenge.”

"Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent, leave the house before you find something worth staying in for. ”

"“You’re mind is working at its best when you’re being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.”

Check out this rare Banksy poster below. 

Dancing TV People Graffiti Poster

The Huffington Post reported in 2012 during the London olympics that Banksy unveiled Olympic-related graffiti artworks on his personal website to mark the start of the games.

"One image shows an athlete throwing a missile-shaped javelin, while another shows a pole vaulter leaping over a fence on to a dirty mattress."

They reported that four street artists were arrested by police in London in the lead up to the Olympic Games (they were arrested on "suspicion of conspiring to inflict criminal damage"). 


Banksy Photo From the Olympics

Banksy's Graffiti Art Unveiled During London Olympics
Credit: HuffingtonPost.com

Other Notable Banksy Quotes

There is no doubt that Banksy's words are becoming just as popular as his street art. Here are some of the most popular quotes by the artist known as Banksy:

The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It's people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages

Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world I can't even finish my second apple pie.” â€• Banksy, Wall and Piece

A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.” â€• Banksy from Wall and Piece

Banksy BookCredit: Amazon.com

Banksy's Book - "Wall and Piece" by Banksy

Looking for his book instead? Wall and Piece is a fine book written by him, rated 5/5 stars on Amazon by readers.  

What is your favorite quote and piece of work by the legendary, prolific artist known as Banksy? Banksy's graffiti art and prints are certainly interesting, and I think they will last a long time in history. I hope you enjoyed this article on Famous Banksy Prints and Banksy Canvas Art!