Just like signs, banners build your image and also develop relationships with people who pass by and may become customers. Just because the visual format is different than a sign, banners are still informational and directional. However banners can also be decorative such as when hanging in a shop window they can transform that shop window into a forest or a spring garden by design that banner with floral or trees.

Large Format Banners Offer A Large Amount Of Space

Use large format banners and you will have loads of room to create a magic garden then hag it in the shop window and arrange your display in front of it. These can also transform a dull corner of a shop into a bright cheery space when you use a large banner like a 4x20 horizontal banner that hangs from the ceiling to the floor. This can be decorated with a lamp post with a hanging pot then set a garden bench in front of it for shoppers to rest in a lovely surrounding as they contemplate your stock and a possible purchase.

Using Banners to Get Attention

When you hang up banners your intent should be to get the publics attention. The purpose of a sign serves the same intent. But those banners can hang from poles when you order them with pole pockets. You can line up a series of banners on poles for a delightful spring entrance from a parking lot into the shop. As they wave in the breeze they will attract attention. If you use a solid colored banner interspersed with units with your name and opening hours and some of your products you can create a lovely display that certainly will get attention from anyone parking in that lot.

Rotating Advertising Media

These are advertising media in a slightly different format as they are made from vinyl. Vinyl takes ink readily but if your vinyl banner has to withstand many days of light outdoors then you will want it printed with an ultraviolet ink. A water based ink does not withstand days of sun even though the vinyl material itself will. So when you order a vinyl banner think about the application and where you want to display them. A cheap standard or stock banner for sales or other indoor uses don’t need the expense of a solvent or eco-solvent based ink which costs more. Order those banners online and get quick shipping too.