When the weather is fantastic and you want to get the family outside in the garden you need to definitely invest in an excellent backyard water slide. Probably the greatest solution now available is to buy a Banzai Falls Original Water Slide. If you opt for this specific inflatable water slide, you will eBanzai Falls Water Slide (18776)nd up insuring excitement as well as fun for the kids throughout those summer vacation days.

The Banzai Falls water slide is gigantic so kids can climb up the back of the slide using the embedded ladder rungs. When they arrive at the top they need only to sit down and off the go. They'll take a trip straight down the slide and have a fantastically smooth landing ending up in the water filled pool at the bottom.

More Details About The Banzai Water Slide

This is a very robust inflatable water slide. It measures 10 feet high, by 18 feet in length and is 5 feet wide.

The load limit capacity for this slide is a weight busting 200lbs meaning that there is almost no way that this slide could get ruined caused by an excessive amount of weight or strain.


This backyard water slide is made of a PVC sprayed Terylene which supplies added strength and support.

The actual slippery slide area is made from a PVC covered polyester tarpaulin. This helps make the slide nice and slippery for children to experience a laughter filled slide from the top to the bottom.


Tips On How To Put Together The Banzai Slide

Once you are ready to erect this particular slide you need to simply unroll it so that lays flat on the front garden or in your back garden. Attach the water bags on each of the sides. This will help to keep it firmly in place. There's also several surface stakes that you need to set round the slide area which will provide further stability. Link the blower, flip the switch and the whole thing will inflate and take shape within a short space of time.


Easy Storage When Not In Use

For easy storage as well as transport, you'll get a very handy carrying bag where you can keep this water slide. Pack it away after the summer and it will be ready for use year after year.


The price of this comprehensive package also includes a repair kit just in case the water slide gets a leak. You will be able to mend it yourself without having too much difficulty.


If you want to make sure that your children have an excellent summer, purchase a Banzai Falls Water Slide today.