Do you know the right time to baptize your son or daughter? Since the answer to this question is determined by your special circumstance, all you can do is learn as much as possible about your options.

There are a few considerations that may help you with your search for the best option:

If you are a member of a church you might speak to your minister or church leader and explore with him or her the beliefs of that individual faith.

You might decide to do some detailed research by reading. There are plenty of books and magazines that concern Baptism.

The accepted definition for the word 'baptism' is "........ a ceremony of washing with water as a sign of religious cleansing and consecration".

Why would you decide to have your little one baptized? Could it be because you are debating a naming ceremony or a reason for a party? A child is named when their being born becomes record. A party is a joyous occasion, and definitely the birth of your baby is deserving of a get together and giving thanks for his or her safe birth – yet it is not vital to plan a baptism for this.

If you think that your child should have a voice in this discussion and share in their baptism, then you would wait until the child is able to appreciate the symbol of commitment. In that case you may wish to host a Dedication ceremony where the child is introduced to the 'church family', his or her name is noted, and then you have a party or get together to rejoice in the birth of the baby. There is no age limit for baptisms, nor is there a 'best before date' that should be taken into account.

If you have an understanding of the commitment necessary for the baptism of your child, the godparents willing to act on the baby's behalf, and the permission of your minister or church leader, then you can plan on having the ceremony.

If you are uncertain of your commitment, or you feel firmly that the young person should be a big part of that choice, then you may want to hold off until the child is of an age to take part in the thought process.