Great kitchens are part of what make a home stand out.  DIY shows are constantly showing us the best features we can bring to our kitchen and some novel accessories.  Unfortunately, many of these features are quite expensive and are not changes that can be made overnight.  When you are thinking about small changes take a look things you can add to your décor for less than $300.  One of the best things you can do to add some pizzazz to your kitchen is the use of barstools.  Not only do they look good, but they can also make a statement.  Let’s take a look at some unique barstools that can take your kitchen from drab to wow!

Cherry Barstools(101940)
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1.        Cherry Red Swivel Barstools-These beautiful barstools are for someone that likes a splash of red in their life.  They are modern and versatile with the ability to swivel 360 degrees.  The Chrome base adds flair to this design and features pneumatic adjustable height.  Think how amazing your kitchen will look with these great looking barstools and you can get four of these for less than $200. 


Ice Cream Cone Stool
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2.       Sugar Cone Barstool.  Want to give your kitchen the field of an ice cream shop; try these stools on for size.  Designed in the shape of an ice cream cone; these barstools have a whimsical appeal.  The seats are done in leatherette and are heavily cushioned for maximum comfort.  They come in wonderful colors such as licorice (black) and pistachio (green).

Curvy Barstool
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3.       Viva Barstool.  This curvy barstool will add just the right touch of funky elegance to any kitchen area.  These come made of wood or leather and are designed with comfort in mind.  If you want to add the air of an upscale bar to your kitchen; then this is the perfect set of barstools for you. 

yellow acrylic barstool
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4.       Acrylic Barstool.  This is the ideal type of seating for your countertops if you like the look of glass without the worry of breaking anything.  The barstool is designed with a low back and chrome footrest. These are easily adjustible for any counter height.  These also come in great colors like green, blue, and orange.

Coca Cola Barstools
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5.       Coca-Cola Barstool.  Ready to take a walk back into the past; then try these vintage barstools.  Add style and charm to your kitchen with this vinyl Coca-Cola padded barstool.  It features a padded back and chrome legs; which complements the barstools overall style.  The logo speaks volumes with the words “Pause……Go Refreshed.” 

Renovating your kitchen can be a costly undertaking, but minimal things can be done to make this area of the house “Pop.”  Take a look at adding some interesting barstools to your décor and the room will feel and look totally different.  There are many colors and materials to choose from; your choice.  So find barstools that give your kitchen that new look you’ve been searching for.