If you would like to experience the taste of Barbados in your own hideaway, then you are going to love the Waverly House.

I personally had only experienced full service, all inclusive resorts before, (many years ago!) so was not sure about the Barbados hotels, but after being invited by 2 other couples, my husband and I decided it would be an adventure for us all to stay in the Waverly House rather than a hotel.

You can purchase different packages with the Waverly House, but it was decided that we would purchase the food ourselves, and the staff that comes with the Waverly house would cook it for us. You can pre-purchase food plans if you wish, but we quite enjoyed shopping for the food ourselves.

If you wanted your food cooked with local flair, then you only had to suggest the main dish, such as fish, and they would give you a shopping list. This way we were able to check out the local shops and bus system. It was a lot of fun, and the Barbados residents are happy to help out. The Waverly house cook, cooked up some great meals, and with the local spices they enjoy, it was wonderful. Flying fish is their main dish, but also chicken and lamb.Waverly House (32422)

There are many resorts and Barbados hotels, but we really liked this hideaway, known as the Waverly House. It is a well built house on the famous Gibbs Beach in St. Peter (the best swimming as the waters are warm and calm here, families like this beach) The Waverly House in Barbados, is built from Coral Stone, and is a 3 bedroom townhouse style residence. It has a large living area with large doors that basically open the wall onto the terrace.

Since there are very few bugs, there are no screens on the windows, so your outside and inside become one! Birds quite happily fly in and out of the house!. On the covered (roof only) terrace is a dining area, and seating area next to a plunge pool, that you can drop into when you get hot. There are no poisonous insects there, so no worries that way!

The backyard then opens out to the beach. You are basically steps from the quiet sandy beach, and the warm Caribbean breezes and the sounds of the waves. The temperature hovers between 75 and 85F degrees but those breezes off the water keep you feeling just right. You can't help but relax.

At the edge of the yard is an outdoor shower and foot bath, to get rid of the salt after a swim in the ocean. This has to be one of the most relaxing spots I have ever been to. I was recuperating from an accident, and the salt water swimming and the warm breezes and help from the staff will never be forgotten. As I sit here at home right now, in the much cooler temperatures of a November in Canada, I do wish I could just go back to the Waverly House in Barbados.Waverly house outdoor shower

The water is totally safe to drink anywhere on the island as it is filtered through coral rock, and since I am normally a sensitive person to water changes, I was thrilled that I didn't notice any changes, and it tastes great. Their hot water is heated on the roof with solar, but with the air temperatures there, you do not need much hot water!

Although you can google Barbados hotels and I am sure you will find many, you should check out the Waverly House as a different way to enjoy a much deserved vacation. If you have 2 other couples or a family gathering for 6, this can actually be a more affordable way to travel. You will get personalized service. The staff includes a cook, housekeeping, gardener/pool care and a watchmen at night. The staff leaves around 9pm and comes the next day to cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner, or whatever your wishes are. It feels like your very own house. You don't have to lift a finger, no dishes, no cleaning, no laundry. But it is nice to have a full service kitchen, especially for those midnight munchies!.

Swim towels are provided, and washed daily, and they will do any laundry you need doing. The staff are personable and will give you all kinds of tips for traveling around the island.

We ended up renting a car for a couple of days, and had to get used to driving on the left side of the road. This dates back from the England influence that still remains today. Barbados celebrated its independence in 1966. But is quite often called "little England".

Barbados has a strong infrastructure and is considered one of the most prosperous Caribbean islands. It has a strong business sector, and a good high speed internet service, that allows you to sit on the terrace of Waverly House, with the waves just a few feet away, and still work on your laptop if you feel you must! Or drop some emails to those cold relatives back home.Barbados sunset

So, if you want to try something a little different for a holiday this year, then you should check out the Waverly House in Barbados, you won't be disappointed. You could just stay there and enjoy peace and quiet and a great swimming, or you can get out and enjoy the sites and history of the island. Since Barbados is only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, you can get around it by bus or by rental car or a local taxi. The capital is Bridgetown, where you will land. This is their city, and it has lots of shopping, local markets and a great museum, and then a short drive to the Waverly House on Gibbs Beach.

There are smaller towns, that are very personable, and where you can get most supplies you will need. You can also rent snorkels and other equipment for fun in the ocean. My husband enjoyed swimming with the turtles, while snorkeling, he will never forget that.

They use "Bajan" dollars. You can change your American or Canadian dollars at the airport or at most local banks. It takes 2 Bajan dollars to equal one US dollar, and similar with Canadian dollars. They also take Visa, M/C and most credit cards on the island.

The sun sets earlier there, at around 6 pm all year round, but the sunsets are brilliant, and day break is about 5:30 am..

There is nightlife if you want it, and many great restaurants, but for me this was the perfect hideaway/getaway, The Waverly House. Can't wait to go back.