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Nothing says it is summer better than the aroma of a barbecue pit cooking meat. Some of the most pleasant memories of my childhood revolve around my father's ritual of firing up our grill and then cooking on it. 

There are two distinctive types of BBQ's that people use. Those are the charcoal and the propane. What separates these is that actually burns. They both have their benefits and drawbacks. 


 A charcoal grill uses charcoal to create the heat needed to cook. The charcoal adds a very distinctive flavoring to the meat. I grew up loving the taste of meat cooked over a charcoal burning grill. 

One of the drawbacks of these is uneven heat. This can be easily overcome by spreading out the coals. Begin your fire by arranging the briquettes into a pyramid configuration. Light the bricks and allow them to burn for a while. Once they have become white and red you are almost ready to begin cooking. Before you begin you want to shake the grill until the pyramid evens out. Each one of them gives off heat, so when you even them out you are also evening the heat that you are cooking on out. 

Another drawback is the amount of time that is necessary to clean the grill. There is no way around this since you create ash every time you cook. You also foul the cooking grate with the meat. It is essential to clean the cooking grate with a wire brush each and every time you use it for best results. 


 Propane grills are very easy to use. You simply ignite them and then you are ready to cook a few minutes later. The burners are arranged so that you will cook evenly. This may sound like an ideal situation, but it is also not without its drawbacks. 

You must have a propane tank in order for the grill to work.  Most of these tanks so not have a meter on them to indicate how much of the gas remains. If you wish to cook a large amount of food you might want to have an extra tank on hand. This can be costly but it could save your cook out. 

They are also not easy to clean. You must clean the burners often with a wire brush. You also need to inspect the burners often for signs of wear. Remember that they have explosive propane flowing through them. If there are large holes in the tubing you will need to replace it. 

The last weakness that I would like to talk about is the fact that you will not get that charcoal flavoring in your meat. This is the only reason that I still like to use my charcoal grill. 

There are very few things that bring people together in the summer better than a backyard barbecue. You have been given a few tips here to help you make this part of your summertime traditions.